Searching Companies vs Processing Companies

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I was taught that to manage reality we have to developed concepts. Latter in my life I also learn that unless you practice what you think and learn it will never become a neural circuit in your head.

A Neural Circuit in your Head is not less not more than an Electro Chemical Current traveling along a Neural Path in your head.

Yes, as you read: A Neural Path is a some kind of Neurons chain together in a particular task. Hence, if you don´t think hard at problems and practice their solutions it will never be a neural path and you will never learn nothing.

Subtle Concepts requires fine Thinking

As I was training @acevedo about how to process a LinkedIn Company Page in order to detect the fields that contain critical information that takes to final targets, he confused the words searching vs *processing*

  • Searching Companies belongs to Module III of Market Research and refers to finding companies in a given industry.
  • Processing a Company means studying the respective LinkedIn web page to detect valuable pieces of information that will lead to a final target.

And this process require concentration and not mixing things up: If you are finding companies, fine. Just make a list of them in your airtable for later processing. BUT if you are processing a company keep focus until you process every bit of data that the web page contains. Go left to right, top to bottom.

In fact you should have the general map or structure of a LinkedIn Company Page in you Head, otherwise, what takes minutes, will take you hours.

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