Seablue Journal: Let love reign.

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Another meditative moment. Another cigar finished. Love was the topic of my meditation today.

While hanging out on The Steem Experience channel and contemplating @richardcrill's emphasis on the importance of love, I've started to dwell more on the subject.

There was a time when I was deeply inhabiting love. It took me to a place where I started to perceive how love could become a tyranny. It can become a dependence on others and lead us to take ownership of people. Over-protectiveness and possession where the things that came to mind.

So I drifted away from ideas of love for others and dwelt in the ideas of love for self. I came to value the idea of love beginning from within. It was a necessary journey I think. To first seek to make myself strong, so that I could be strong for others.

Now I feel like I've come full circle. I'm feeling a balance developing between loving myself and loving others. I struggled with the need to control people through placing demands upon them according to my own expectations.

Today, in my work, I was faced with the challenge of helping someone move through a crisis of self. I have at times pointed out peoples failings in the hope they could rectify them. Today I came from a new direction. I encouraged him to see the good in himself. I acknowledged that he was worthy of better than what he was allowing.

He apologized to me for his behavior. I turned that around and ask that he apologize to himself. He has deserved much more than he was giving to himself. He was a good person, but he was not allowing the good to come through. I urged him to remember himself when he was in that place of goodness and remember who he was before he lost his way.

I still see love as of primary importance. I understand more of the balance now. I can love the good in people. I don't need to love the part of people that does not love themselves. Most importantly I've reconnected with the love within myself. The father, the encourager, the person that sees the potential in others where they might not see it themselves.

I'm encouraged to let love reign again. Thanks for reading my humble offering today.


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Love is divine and above all :)

That is indeed a great work done mate :)

You did the right thing .Love does indeed changes people from inside ,we just have to feel that and in time we also should make others realize that as well !

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Interesting @seablue,self love is a gateway to show love to others. We first have to love ourselves then we can extend the love to others. When we love ourselves first we come to see our own limitations that way we won't expect perfection from others.

Great words and refreshing image! :)

Whenever we search for Happiness outside ourselves, we feel a lack thereof within. "I love you as much as I love myself" instead of "I love myself as much as I love you" is the epiphany we need to cultivate, placing our Self-Love first, aware that we can only love others to the extend we love ourselves.

"As within so without", goes the hermetic wisdom.

Having said that, We only need to fix ourselves to contribute our best version to the world. We truly have all tools within to heal duality within us.

"I don't need to love the part of people that does not love themselves"

Perfect words! :)



busy life...


excellent post ..loving to your blog.thanks for sharing..

great post indeed you have done great dear. but my point is everyone love itself I don't see anyone who doesn't love itself. but again there would be different opinions regarding love :)

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100% upvoted, from a friend.

Much love to you too, mate. Thanks for your support.