Colorful Rusty Dock Barrier

in #sea2 years ago

The sea is a harsh environment for all materials, especially metals. It does create some really colorful rust patterns though.

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Living by the sea Rust can be a problem to so many people, but not so to us photographers I love finding cool rusty detail, and WOW the contrast of the rust and lovely views in these shots is superb

It also destroys our electric stations for our boaters ! I've got to replace a bunch of new plugs and breakers before this weekend !!

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Ohh yes I hadn’t thought of that good o clock with getting them all replaced before the weekend

Nice pics 👍👍

Thanks bro

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Yowzers, Some truly fantastic light and color captures. It so amazing what salt water can do to metal and wood. Part sculptor and part painter:)

Beautiful Destruction

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Destruction yes but also the return of iron to the soil and nutrients to the water table.

Amazing photo :) Cheers :)

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Stunning, love your angle on the shots 👌

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