[NOTICE] STEEM Witness candidacy announcement

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Witness for whole community!


STEEM Witness candidacy announcement

Steemcoinpan management team

How can a bamboo stalk grow so tall? The answer lies in its nodes. Older nodes support the existing branch so the new branches can spread out. Similarly, STEEM blockchain is like a bamboo that grows a new branch every 3 seconds.

To do so, STEEM blockchain relied on the Witnesses’ individual effort and dedication. These relationships sometime resulted in discord amongst the Witnesses or miscommunication between the Steemit community and a Witness; some settled for representing only a minority interest rather than looking out for the welfare of the larger community. While this may be part of the productive process driven by competition and cooperation, we’re all acutely aware that the future of Steemit community depends on our Witnesses finding a collectively comprehensive voice.

Our expectations were simple. We wanted the general and popular will of the Steemit community reflected in the larger policy-making process; we wanted the Steemit-Witness relation to improve based on the general community’s encouragement and support for the Witness. As we behold the growing concern and dissatisfaction amongst our members, we believe that these expectations have become pressing needs that can no longer be ignored.

In this light, the Steemcoinpan management team are hereby officially announcing our intention to run for the STEEM Witness candidacy, based on the delegation from the PROXY token holders. We are taking this first but firm step towards entering the world of STEEM Witness in hopes of representing your individual voice as well as the @proxy.token delegators. As a holder of the PROXY token and a member of the Steemit community, you may officially suggest your proposal and will receive direct feedback of your proposal through your representative, @proxy.token.

The journey to becoming a Witness will be challenging. We are starting out as a Witness candidate with the delegated 3 million STEEM Power, and we hope to work long and hard to gain experience and win the trust of the Steemit community and our future fellow Witnesses. We also hope to represent to the fullest the interests of both the Steemit community and the Steemcoinpan so meaningful progress can be afforded to everyone. But we are determined to take on this journey for us. For you.

To achieve this goal, we ask for your support. @proxy.token belongs not to a single individual but to the whole community. When the Steemcoinpan(SCT) Alliance is formed, all @proxy.token’s rights will be transferred to the SCT Alliance. As a starting point, the current SCT management team will work as an initial driving force for creating the connection between the blockchain network and POB collective intelligence.

Utilizing proxied voting rights delegated to us from the community, we hope to make our debut in Steemit community by voting @proxy.token as a Steemit Witness. We will work tirelessly with the communityto ensure that STEEM remains a blockchain for all the futures to come. Your proxy and votes will ensure that we reach this goal together.

Thank you.

Written by @sct.jac

Translated by @glory7

As a STEEM Witness, @proxy.token will:

  • Contribute to stable STEEM blockchain production.

  • Maintain objective stance for fair STEEM feed pricing.

  • Reflect the voice of Steemit community in deciding future directions of Steemit.

  • Equally distribute proceeds and experiences from the Steemit Witness role to community members.

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  ·  4 months ago (edited)

When will @proxy.token be ready to be voted as witness? I cannot vote it right now.

BTW, @sct.jac, should your team spend some bucks on vote-buying to increase exposure? only 4 votes so far, thats' no where near an announcement.

BTW2, now is 11 hrs pass posting time and this post is still on $2 reward. Not about reward, but about exposure and the intended audience. I thought you want to announce to the Steem community, not SCT community. But this post gets good support on SCT, but obviously far from enough on Steem. It's weird. If @proxy.token has 8000MV witness vote delegation, I'd say you may easily get some whales to support this post too, if you don't prefer vote-buying for exposure.

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