Update for scotbot - rewards can be limited to a specific app and beneficiaries token rewards have been implemented

in #sct5 years ago (edited)

Hi @holger80, thank you for your update.

There is now a json_metadata_app_value parameter. When set, only main posts which are posted from the set app are accepted for rewards. As before, the specified tag must still be added to the post.

This is a huge change (and there are pros and cons, so the owner of SCOT can choose the option right?) What about comments (reply)?

What about VP? I found that there is a separate VP for each SCOT. But is it actually used now or reserved? Many people believe that VP (not voting weight) is shared with Steem. I'd appreciate if you clarify this. Thanks.

Exactly, every SCOT token owner can choose how to set the parameter. In the default settings, the new parameter is not active.

The comments can receive rewards, when the parent main post receive rewards.

Each Token has a separate VP, which is actually used by all tokens. Only the voting weight is shared with Steem.

Thank you for your answers. Regarding comments, I have a clarifying question. Comments should also be written on the own Nitrous UI for SCOT reward?

I'm checking only the parent post for its json_metadata. So comments can be written outside the token Nitrous UI.

Great! and I forgot one more question. What about the past post? Is this change effective even for additional votings on the past post prior to this announcement?

No, it's only effective for new posts after this announcement. So pending posts written before, will not be excluded.

Great. That may have taken extra work. Thanks for that!

actually one more question. voting can still be done from any UI, right? It was before, but I'd like to double check due to this change. Based on my understanding, it still should be possible, since scotbot uses steem voting tx.

Yes, voting can be done from any UI.

json_metadata_app_value is set to Null for the SCT token and posting is again possible from every app...

thanks for @holger80 efforts to recovery !

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Partiko Can't use anymore in SCT posting !
plz implement inner url https://www.steemcoinpan.com/sct
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like such as in case https://steemit.com

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The old settings are restored and posting is again possible with every app

We are in a hell to heaven Again ! :)

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I will check that steemcoinpan.com

Question, if I make a post via steemcoinpan, then edit it on busy, is it considering post from steemcoinpan or busy?

It is considered as a post from steemcoinpan.

Got it. Thanks.

one more question, is there any way to check my vp on steemcoinpan?

json_metadata_app_value is set to Null for the SCT token and posting is again possible from every app...

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thanks you very much for your informations

I made a simple VP viewer :) https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@blockchainstudio/the-very-first-scot-voting-power-viewer-balance-information

By the way, I have some questions.

  1. How can I get reward pool info for SCOT? (to find estimated vote value.)
    It seems rshares = staked * vp (100 if 100%) * vw (100 if 100%) * 10, but I don't know how to find SCOT / rshares Of course, I can use a data from a post, but I believe there is an efficient way.

  2. how can I get balance in market for trading? Maybe I can use a trading history, but hope there is an easier way.

  3. Is there any doc for scot-api ?

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