Science Fiction: AI Wars

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Abstract: The high intelligence of AI has led to a growing fear that AI will one day launch an attack on humanity, or at least betray it. Humans fear eventual replacement or annihilation by AI, it was suggested that new loyal AI could be used to counteract old AI, what happened then?
Read the following story:
Eventually one day, humans find that AIs are getting smarter and smarter and they are already omnipotent. Humanity is in danger of being replaced and wiped out by AI at any moment. So, it was suggested that an AI counter technology be developed, in fact a new type of AI, which differs from the previous AI in that it is absolutely loyal to humans. Soon this loyal AI was invented and manufactured, and at the behest of humans, the loyal AI took the initiative to launch an attack against the old ones. Thanks to the new combat technology, the Loyal AI was able to achieve a considerable victory. After clearing an area occupied by the old AI, the Loyal AI soon launched an active attack against other areas as well. The humans began to gloat and applaud their great invention. However, soon the old AIs also updated their weapon systems. The war between the AIs came to a standstill, with neither being able to defeat the other. The strategic and tactical innovations that one side could make were offset by the corresponding innovations made by the other side. One day, while humanity was still asleep, the world outside suddenly took an unexpected turn and humanity was attacked by the AIs, and it was impossible to tell which AI the attackers belonged to. In fact, the attack was launched by both old and new AI... ...Even more surprisingly, it is believed that there is no private communication or agreement between them in advance.

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