Study Proves Biological Mechanism Behind Wifi, Microwave tech, Cellphones & Smart Meters Causing Depression, Mental & Neurological Illness

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Despite claims to the contrary from people who aren't paying attention - many, many scientific studies (spanning decades) have demonstrated repeatedly that microwave technology and other tech that produces EMF fields can cause a wide variety of health problems - some extremely serious.

In fact, there are apparently over 20,000 studies that confirm this in their own way. I have shared plenty of them before, but this one I was sent today, from the Journal of chemical neuroanatomy is particularly detailed and lays out a specific biological mechanism by which such technology can cause a wide variety of psychological and neurological problems including:

  • sleep disturbance/insomnia
  • headache
  • depression/depressive symptoms
  • fatigue/tiredness
  • dysesthesia
  • concentration/attention dysfunction
  • memory changes
  • dizziness
  • irritability
  • loss of appetite/body weight
  • restlessness/anxiety
  • nausea
  • skin burning/tingling/dermographism
  • EEG changes

The study is titled:

Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression

and is by Martin L. Pall (Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University,).

The study has a large list of references and covers numerous other studies to draw a clear causal connection between various illnesses and EMF tech - including wifi, cellphones, smart meters and their related transmission towers.

The reality is that we have been using technology for years that has been making is subtly sick and the introduction of UNTESTED 5G technology is, frankly, an insane proposition.

I highly recommend taking your time to read through the whole study. You may not understand all the language, but it should become clear that this is not 'bunk science'.

I recommend not using WIFI and minimising cell phone exposure. Ethernet cables are faster than wifi and do not pose these problems. You can disable Wifi in most routers in their admin control panel.

Wishing you well,

Ura Soul

This post was originally published at Earth Heart Community.

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Thanks for this. I was asked only yesterday by my boss in work about my views on 5g and I was caught a bit off guard and wasn't able to do the subject justice. I work in an IT building which has a corporate WiFi network and they recently announced that they were going to upgrade the system to make it more powerful so there wouldn't be black spots. When I asked whether any testing had been done on the previous system or on the new one in terms of microwave emissions some people laughed. I've forwarded your article onto my management team in the hope that someone might actually pay attention and perhaps read the paper you linked. The idea of 5g terrifies me and I think I will follow the example of John Patterson and destroy any 5g transmitter that is put outside my home. I recently sent an FOI to my local council regarding 5g and luckily there are no plans to roll it out in my city in the near future but I feel sorry for the residents of places like Bristol who are trialing the system.

Great work as always.


You are welcome. Many have made assumptions that they know things on the basis of 'settled science' that, in fact, science totally contradicts when you look into it. It's understandable, given the extent to which certain industries publish biased studies and narrative in order to increase their profit margin. It would be nice to be able to naively trust others in 'high places' to be caring and to be putting people's health first - but history shows that too often, they don't.
Another issue is the common self destructive pattern of thinking 'we all die of something, so why bother worrying about such little things - be a man' etc. - that's quite a depressing perspective to those of us who choose to enjoy life and do the best we can.. Maybe those folks could do with some time in nature, away from man made EMF fields!

Thanks for keeping us informed of the problem we all face globally. I don't even have a wifi router but connect to a hotspot near where I live. I don't even know where the hotspot tower is but it produces wifi for me and all the nearby houses, so I can't turn it off and it is all over 24/7.

I presume it helps to keep the cell phone wifi switched off so the phone is only 2G, for calls and SMS, and then to switch it on for wifi access temporarily.


Yes, that kind of coverage is a problem, for sure. I'm not sure what can be done other than to work to expose the science that is so heavily denied. It is possible to shield your home and to even wear shielding clothing but it is costly and far from ideal. Disabling wifi in phones might help to some extent, but phones will be transmitting and receiving regularly anyway, even without wifi enabled and as I understand, when that happens the field intensifies locally. The only solution might be to get a special bag that blocks all signals (which then means you can't receive calls) or maybe to source phones that have the minimum field strength. Last time I looked, certain Samsung phones were dramatically better in that regard than Iphones, for example. Unfortunately though, the standards for measuring such things are not really good enough.

Once they turn on the 5G machines we're fucked! No amount of orgonite can repel those levels of radiation. So what do we do? Living off grid won't even save you from 5G. We've already got Fukushima and chemtrails raining down on us everyday... but that isn't enough, we got to turn on the 5G machines now and really start genociding populations.


5G has a short range, so if it really is as harmful as some are saying - then it will only affect localised areas first and you will be able to find refuge. As long as the effects and results are carefully monitored and exposed, the harm can be minimised.


I live out in the woods but come to town quite often. The closest 5G tower by me I'm going to estimate being around 12 miles away or so give or take a mile. The people who survive in the country will all be nuked with HAARP or "DEWs" as they call them now.


The outcome depends on the choices made and the wills involved.

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