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Vertical farming is the practice of producing food and medicine in vertically stacked layers , vertically inclined surfaces or in other structures like skyscraper , warehouse or shipping container. Vertical farming; in which our food would be continuously grown inside of tall building within the built environment. The modern ideas of vertical farming use indoor farming techniques and controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) technology, where all environmental factors can be controlled. These facilities utilize artificial control of light, environmental control (humidity, temperature, gases...) and fertigation. Some vertical farms use techniques similar to greenhouses, where natural sunlight can be augmented with artificial lighting and metalreflectors.

Modern agriculture employees a multitude of chemicals products and exposure to toxic level of some classes of agrochemicals ( pesticides and fungicides ) have created other significant health risk that are only now being sorted by epidemiologist and toxicologist.
If vertical farming in urban areas becomes the norms, then one anticipated long -termed benefits would be the gradual repair of many of the world's damaged ecosystems through the systematic abandonment of farmland .

Advantage of Vertical Farming

  1. Year round crop production.
  2. Eliminates agriculture runoff.
  3. Significantly reduces the use of fossil fuels ( farm machine and transport of crops )
  4. No weather related crop failure.
  5. Offers the possibility of sustainability for urban centers .
  6. Supply enough food in a sustainable fashion to comfortably feed all of humankind .
  7. Take advantage of abandoned and unused urban spaces .
  8. Eliminates the need for large scale use of pesticides and herbicides.
  9. Convert black and gray water to drinking water.
  10. Reduces the risk of infection of agents transmitted at agricultural interface .
  Vertical farming can produce crops year round , which increase production efficiency by four to six times depending on the crops . There would be less wastage and spoilage as most of the crops could be sold fresh in a market or restaurant from the same facility .
   Over the next two decade , the technological way will revolutionized the efficiency of farm all over the world . By the year 2050 , the human population of the world will be 10 billions which means we need double the food we now produced. In this situation , vertical farming would be one of the best option for sustainability in agriculture . 

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I love the idea, of no pesticides especially. However, the sun would not be providing its natural loving light to the plants. Year round growth, controlled environment and eliminating natures challenges will promote weakness within the plant. The environment is too sterile and lifeless. I believe in nature, and allowing nature to select. Interesting and thought provoking article, thanks for posting.

Yes , I do believe in nature however for sustainability in agriculture ,vertical farming should be adopted . As the world population is raising alarmingly ,in order to to meet the basic need of people I.e, food vertical farming might play role model .

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This sounds like a excellent idea.

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