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It is a technique of transplanting a part of one plant over the cut branch of another suitable plant . It is carried out between two plant of closely related varieties .

One of the two types has a strong root system and the other has a desired variety of flowers or fruits . The part of the plant that is grafted on is called the scion and the supporting portion of the plant is called stock . Scion is often selected from a fully developed plant .

The stem of a rotted plant is cut about 20-30 cm above the ground level . The grafting ends of both ( stock and scion ) are cut obliquely , so as they fit properly .

The cambium of the scion is placed in direct contact with the cambium of the stock . The Cambial strips make an organic connection between the two plants. Now the joined portion is wrapped tightly by grafting wax to avoid infection. After a few weeks the scion and the stock unite together and grow as a single plant . It is usually applied in plants like mango ,rubber ,Apple ,peach, pear ,citrus ,etc . In monocot plants which lack cambium , grafting is not possible .

Grafting is done for obtaining quick fruiting in plants . In many cases , the flowers and fruits produced by a graft are of superior quality as compared to the original variety .


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