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Nepal is a small landlocked country. Although it has very small geographical area but bears extremities in topography and climate . Due to such extremities,this country is very rich in biodiversity. So, Nepal is known as NATURE PARADISE . Diversity of some flora in Nepal is given below ;

  1. Lichen :- It is estimated that about 2000species of lichen are found in Nepal . LR Sharma (1995) identified 465 species of lichen belongings to 79 genera and 30 family .
  2. Fungi :- According to M.K. Adhikari (1999) ,there are 1800 species of fungi belongings to 585 genera and 80 families in Nepal .
  3. Algae :- According to S.R.Baral (1995) ,there are 687 algae belonging to 150 genera and 50 families in Nepal .
  4. Bryophyte :- According to Kattel and Adhikari in 1992 ,there are 853 species of bryophyte in Nepal .
  5. Pteridophyte :- According to Iwat Suki in 1988 , there are 381 species of ferns and their allies in Nepal .
  6. Gymnosperm :- There are 27 species of gymnosperm in Nepal ( Kobaetal) ( 1994). According to T.B. Shrestha in 1984 . There are 20 indigenous species of gymnosperm in Nepal which belongs to 13 genera and 6 families .
  7. Angiosperm :- Nepal is very rich in diversity of angiosperms. According to World Conservation Monitoring Centre in 1994 , there are 6500 species of angiosperms in Nepal . According to biodiversity profile project in 1995 , Nepal is 10 the richest country in biodiversity in Asia and it occupies 31 st position in world.

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