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Gregor Johann Mendel was born on 22 nd July ,1822 in Heinzendort silisian village . He graduated from gymnasium in 1840. In 1843 at the age of 21 , Mendel joined a monastery in Brunn, Austria where he was given the task of tending the garden . He became a monk in 1847 on his twenty fifth birthday. In 1851 , he went to Vienna to study Natural Science and Mathematics,and returned to the monastery in 1853. In 1854, he joined a higher secondary school and taught physics and natural science for fourteen years. While teaching ,he spent his free time in the monastery garden where he conducted hybridizations experiments on fruits trees , flowers ,vegetables and more especially on garden peas. On this basis ,he began his scientific investigation on inheritance in 1856 and conducted his experiment for eight years (1856-1864). His experiment with Pisum sativum opened a new chapter in biology . He published his conclusion "Inheritance of characters" in 1866 in the "Annual Proceedings of the Natural History Society "of brunn. But his work was recognized only in 1900 ,when three scientists named Hugo de varies of holland , Erich Von Tschermak of Austria and karl Correns of Germany independently drew a conclusion like Mendel . Since , Mendel's law were widely accepted throughout the world. This lead to the establishment of genetics as a science.


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