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RE: ECCO - SEM images of part processed fuel and nickel foil samples

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Do you know the composition of the dendritic microstructures in the last micrograph? The interstitial size between tertiary branching seems promising for NAS, and no cracking is evident at this scale.


Bob, one can sense ME356's focused interest as he sequentially zooms in through the entire set of images that you uploaded. It is noteworthy that Sri Suhas did not actually prep the nickel foil intentionally, yet the activation seems to have taken place while the reactor was in use. The "steel" that the nickel sulfate was plated onto is stainless steel, and delamination of such plating is common even without US as the cause. Special methods to increase the adhesion to stainless steel exist, but this is a case where the foil delamination is desired. Microscopic shreds of foil within the fuel may be of interest.... all is floating and intermixing randomly as a dry "liquid" within the core during the US stimulation.

Much appreciation, Scott

Hi Scott, You have a good understanding of the system, by

activation seems to have taken place while the reactor was in use

I assume you mean the hydrogen plasma reactor used to produce the Nickel foil. I would not presume that this was unintentional on the part of Suhas after all, he saw

  1. transmutation, production of Oxyapatite ( Ca5(PO4)3F ) patches on the surface of mild steel during hydrogen plasma fat stripping of mild steel and
  2. 'red hot' glowing of titanium bar during hydrogen plasma cleaning

Suhas has done things that seem likely to assist the effect trusting in the reasonably viable claims of others as he has gone. The fact that me356 identified this as the right kind of structure and that these kind of structures are called out by Clean Planet / Mizuno as being desirable is good news. It makes one wonder where the reaction is focussed in the ECCO cores.

No tvulgaris, but me356 said the sample was not perfectly dry - so perhaps some moisture being lost from some compound resulted in crystals forming when vacuum was applied. This is why you need EDX!

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