The importance of educational psychology

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The importance of educational psychology

Educational psychology

Is educational psychology a theoretical and applied branches at one of the branches of general psychology , which is defined as the study and understanding of the behavioral patterns of individuals in different educational situations, where he is interested in studies psychological psychological theory and how to turn them into action and practical steps in the educational field group, ie the application of the laws and principles of psychology in the educational aspects, adapted to the educational environment in which they relate to the effective upbringing of positive and influential, so as to raise the level of capabilities and competencies, skills and personalities of the student group involved in the process Altali Yeh.

Educational psychology focuses on the elements of the educational process, in addition to the processes of learning and education. It can also be defined as understanding the educational syllabuses, studies and scientific understanding of the human behaviors that appear during the educational process. In addition, psychology provides methods, methods and therapeutic strategies to solve educational problems General and problems related to the field of education in particular. [1]

Topics Educational Psychology

Different topics educational psychology according to scientists and researchers in it, and the emergence of differences in their views of history, and attributed the multiplicity of subjects educational psychology to the diversity and the different problems that may occur during the learning process and learning, and outcomes resulting from them, researchers and scientists collecting topics of psychology The most frequent educational and scientific literature and psychological, and these topics: [2]

  • Knowledge and understanding of developmental characteristics in all its aspects; physical, emotional, moral, social and cognitive.

  • Modern and effective methods and methods of teaching, as well as control of educational situations in different educational environments.

  • IQ tests and mental abilities that measure students' abilities and mental abilities, as well as ways to understand personality traits and patterns.

  • Methods and conditions for the establishment of psychological and educational tests , and the principles and bases for the development of tests of achievement through effective methods that confirm the achievement of the goal of the educational process.

  • Social and interactive life that arises between students and between students and teachers.

  • Educational theories that deal with the process of learning, scientific methods of learning process and measurement, and factors affecting them negatively and positively.

  • The process of social and school adjustment in the educational environment of individuals, in addition to the mental health of students and their levels during the educational process .

The importance of educational psychology

Learning and learning processes are complex processes, where the teacher needs continuous and continuous development of his or her educational skills and teaching methods to suit general and specific educational goals, to achieve these goals and to ensure that the educational process is successful in performing them.

The educational psychology benefits from the experiences of psychologists and their experiences in the field of education and education, in order to develop unique theories of learning and methods, and to present the basic principles and laws for the application of these theories, and show the importance and role of educational psychology through the placement of tests of psychological measurement and educational and educational, and taking into account individual differences between the student groups In different stages, and it is possible to mention the importance of educational psychology through the following points: [3] [4] [5]

  • To enrich the teacher with the laws and fundamentals of the theories that explain the educational process and control them, in order to apply them scientifically and objectively in the school environment and classroom , and provide these theories possible suggestions for some problems that may be exposed to the teacher or student during different educational situations.

  • The most important information and skills provided by educational psychology to the educational staff; exclusion and exclusion of educational theories and opinions based on personal impressions and inaccurate and subjective observations. Some of these opinions were based on personal experiences and subjective viewpoints and often contradict the foundations of facts and theories Scientific, and evaluate these theories by subjecting them to scientific research organized educational and thoughtful.

  • Provide assistance to individuals in charge of the educational process, in order to identify the inputs and elements of the educational process, such as the characteristics of the learners and the educational environment, and their outputs from evaluation and measurement tools, and educational and educational tests. Provide the teacher with the skills of scientific description, and the theoretical understanding of the educational process of education, and this through the achievement of the goals of general educational psychology of understanding the educational process and its components, and predict their output, and try to control.

  • To instruct the teaching staff to take advantage of the relevant psychological theories in the process of growth and developmental characteristics that follow the age stages, in addition to studying the learning motivations, mental skills, intelligence, thinking, remembering and problem solving to understand the mechanism of learning and teaching , Appropriate in all these areas.

  • To provide the teacher with a foundation of the correct rules and laws of the theories of learning and education, which enables him to choose the applications of psychological psychological principles and their suitability to a particular educational position, so that the teacher to assess the appropriate method according to the school environment and psychological characteristics of the teacher and student.

  • To help the teacher in determining the strengths and weaknesses in the mechanism of the work of the educational process and its results, and thus highlights the importance of studying the factors affecting the success or failure of the educational process and the achievement of its objectives. The most important of these factors: methods and strategies of learning and suitability for the categories of students, The student's personality, social circumstances and level of mental and cognitive maturity, as well as the amount of motivation for the learning process. The general and emotional atmosphere of the classroom has a great impact on the functioning of the educational process correctly and effectively. Rai, which was touched by educational psychology with theoretical and applied scientific research.

  • Educational psychology offers strategies and methods that will help the teacher to understand the student's psychology and psychology through the development of educational curricula in the light of the students' abilities and aptitudes so as not to overload them and to research the psychological problems facing the student at different age levels. To research the motivation of students to the process of learning and employment to reach students to the stage of acceptance and positive interaction , and thus to achieve the success of the educational process.


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By Mohamed Marwan


Teacher is like a philosopher who guides his student. He is responsible to be aware about growth and development of the students.

yes and some of a teacher doesn't realize they have so much power and influence over their students, some of them behave like students are just a toys of their's, and then students does not realize it's about humanity and give up on studying.

We never forget what we learned in school, only what we crammed in school. The bad news is, we didn't learn that much.

This is definitely true!
I know because my dad was a teacher and I have been oppurtuned to have met people my dad had taught

A teacher can give sunshine and water, or they can shade the student and deprive them of hydration. Education is in need of a reform and I believe even the idea of a teacher could change. A teacher could be a mentor, or a star that guides an individual toward a goal. I believe in what you're saying. A true teacher is aware and connected.

I believe that educational psychology is essential inorder for us to understand the behavior of every human being - to be more patient with every differences we encounter in each individual. It will also teach us how to deal with every person we get along, and it will help us understand ourselves for us to become a better person.

The founder of the "Sigmund Freud University" in Vienna used to be my landlord. They were also running a Psychology Center for children there and they were using some really warm and supportive techniques to teach the kids. Supporting kids early in their psychological development can really yield amazing results. Your post reminded me of that.

I believe without doubt that psychological education is one of the bases of success and development of an individual, excellent post!

Thanks for amazing sharing! Please post more this thema :)

The term 'academy' was coined by a guy named Plato. He created a school called The Academy where students would join him under an apple tree for deep and worthwhile lectures and discussions. He had a student for over twenty years his name was Socrates.

People need to learn to pass the knowledge down more efficiently. We can see the significance from the time of Plato, Socrates, Alexander the Great, Pythagorean. They understood the importance of mentorship and nourishment.

Schools are our gardens, and if we don't nourish our seeds properly, we'll sooner or later have to begin all over again.

Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, many teachers are still just experts in their area (for example, mathematics) but don't know how to pass the knowledge to their students or how to maintain a positive learning environment. The importance of educational psychology for solving this is huge. Cheers!

Nice post . Thank you

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psychology should be studied at early age so kids are educated about it! This would decrease bully strikes and many negative other behaviors!

is nice your post.upvoted.

Thanks for good sharing I'd love to be a teacher someday. But, I hate the conventional way of teaching by lecturing to students, because, not everyone can regurgitate information. Unfortunately, where I live, to get to college; your entry is based solely on your final exams. This has put me off being a teacher.

Indeed. Good write up. I was faced great challenges in wring literature review. With assist of many good heart peoples like you, I able to complete my write up and now my paper is under review.... Keep write more about methodology also...

Sharing is caring. Thank you

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education is the essential for a better future and a better understanding of everything

Education is such a broad area which can be complex. Learning is very individual, knowing how to bridge the gap between knowledge and action is key. Having the right state of mind can help students with overcoming obstacles that prevent them from learning. Education is a fascinating field that will continue to evolve and change as technology disrupts the way we learn.

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I love your post, a lot of truth in your point of view. One remembers his brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to the one who touches our feelings.
Carl Gustav Jung, Psychologist and Swiss psychiatrist.

There are many countries that apply the contributions of educational psychology, however, there are still those who do not know or simply do not dare to implement, this is experienced significantly in underdeveloped regions, the learning process takes place exactly as it did 50 years ago , although the population is not the same and is exposed to different stimuli. Interesting post

Thanks for sharing such a nice topic regarding the psychology. I would love to read more post about you.

Great post! I'd love to know more, As a full time (after-school) private music teacher, I've been surprised on how hard it is to find concrete research on effective methods of teaching, and given that I have no formal training on how to teach, It's been a long slog of trial and error so far of figuring out what works for people.

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