Suesa's Science Challenge

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Hello everyone!

As you might have noticed, I like to promote steemSTEM at the end of most of my posts. It's a community of scientists on Steemit (STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

But even with the help of @steemstem, it can be hard to get good exposure, especially with so much junk flooding #science.

To give scientists around here a chance to reach more people, I'm doing a contest!


Describe a day in your (STEM related) profession, maybe include pictures. Make it as interesting and easy to understand as possible and not too long. An example for how it might look can be found in one of my earliest posts. Please don't just copy it though.

The rewards are:

1st place: 50 SBD + 325 Steempower delegation
2nd place: 30 SBD + 325 Steempower delegation
3rd place: 20 SBD + 325 Steempower delegation

The delegation of Steem will be for one week and is supplied by @minnowbooster!


  • Please tag your entry with #suesas-sciencechallenge so that I can easily find it.

    • Tagging it science too would be appreciated.
  • You have time to post your entry until July 22, 23:59 CET.

  • I will hand select the three winners with respect to how engaging their entry is for readers not from their field.

    • Post rewards are not factored in, so try to make a good post and don't worry about advertising it to random people.
  • Remember to tag your sources if you use pictures that aren't yours! Plagiarism immediately disqualifies you.

  • The winners will be announced July 23.

If you have any more questions, leave me a comment!

Good luck!

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Aren't there any contests now that I can participate in? I am waiting for a new contest.

I'm currently a bit busy with university stuff, but there will be a new challenge, I promise. You can keep an eye on the steemSTEM account, they will resteem it.

Hi suesa, you got my attention and here I am. I write poems and lots of motivational posts. But i am going to take up this challenge and write an article on technology. It will be my first science article and won't my followers be surprised.

I have written my article on technology, in fact it is my first post with science and technology tags. I know that my topic does not fit into the subject matter which is a day in a life of a STEM profession, since I am not a STEM profession in the first place. Since it is you who motivated me to write in the first place, I will just put the link here.

@iuliakerim, check this contest, I think you have some valuable real science knowledge to share with the world:)

I will try to show something Wonderful from Chemical Engineering World.
Thanks for your Challenge.

Super idea! Will be looking forward to enter :)
And also looking forward to read all the submissions!

Very good idea! It is excellent that you support the good content on steemit! ★

Awesome contest and idea! I voted and resteemed but haven't been involved academically in STEM since uni sadly. I intend to go to grad school at some point but life has come in droves... Good luck! I hope it takes off, there seems to be ample pseudoscience on Steemit and not enough actual science! I'm also sending you some @lovejuice because I can't afford @randowhale!

Thank you so much for your support!

You're very welcome! It's a great idea!

@suesa: I like that your are supporting good scientific work here on steemit - a very valueable contribution to this community! I followed all rules and took part in your challenge:
I hope my contribution will be taken into account. :)

MinnowBooster is supporting this contest with delegation and will boost entries of high quality. Good Luck!

This day should be connected with science? Or are we talking about any profession?

Should be STEM related :)

Will you be the only judge, or will you have a team to help you evaluate which post is most succesful in engaging the readers?

I will probably ask a few people from the SteemSTEM channel in the chatroom for their opinion

I'm going to be keeping tabs on the tag as I would love to find more scientist with good STEM content here on steemit.

Great idea! That's kind of the whole point :D

Hey @suesa, thanks a lot for running this challenge! Steemit can certainly do with a much needed boost of (real) Science content. Hopefully this will motivate some of us to write about science more often.

Here is my entry:

Right now there are not many entries published, so I hope other people get on board! Still a few days to go. Cheers!

Thank you for participating! I guess there will be more entries when we get closer to the end date

This is awesome!! Feeling excited to participate :) Thanks for the opportunity @suesa

Great idea! I hope this will be a success (for stem on steemit!)

Wow! Great initiative & Big rewards! I am in 🔥🔥🔥

great idea i thank little bit late for posting a post that could win
however,i did my best to catch up :

i hope you like and share my entry :)

is it allowed to post more than one .... just to increase my odds lol @suesa

No, only the first entry you post will be taken into consideration

Thats a very nice idea to promote science in the steemit...Hoping for the success of it.

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I'm excited to read more good science!

I'm interested of many areas of science. Sorry, that I'm not a scientist, but economist. And now is not working on the specialty.

Otherwise I shall took part in Your wonderful Contest=))

Good initiative. Wish you a good day at work today :-)

Great idea. I shall enter - thank you very much for the opportunity :)

awesome post and really great idea, i like it.
upvoted you.

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Great idea! It looks like it is getting lots of attention too. Resteemed and hope to participate. I've done a couple posts on my previous research projects already, but can probably reword or come up with something new.

Eager to see your entry!

Thats something good indeed. Will give a try.

Hi @suesa ! I like the idea, but sadly I am not STEMmy enough to qualify for the competition, though I do have an interest in science and would like to better connect with the STEM community on here, and perhaps just listen in on the ideas and chime in when possible. That said, I wrote something to this effect yesterday, but I was wondering if you might be able to help me since you seem pretty well established on here and seem to know where things are and who might already be active in these fields. So, perhaps you could give a quick glance at my article from yesterday, the main thing I would like to ask is how to engage in such conversations with the STEM community, without using the wrong venues or tags. There must be people or groups who are keen to participate in discussion amongst their peers and to explain the amazing things from the STEM community to the rest of us Steemians without too much knowledge. I'm new so, sorry to crash your feed, but perhaps others are wondering the same things as me and you can help us all out. Here is the article I mentioned. Cheers @ecoknowme

Hey there! Best way to connect with steemSTEM is registering at and entering the steemSTEM channel!

I'll have a look at your post

Great! Thanks so much, just what I needed!

Darn.. My parents asked me to take bio.. But no i had to take computers :p.. Nice work teaming up steem and stem

Computers should fall under the T (technology) or the E (engineering), at least in the German acronym MINT it's included.

I look forward to reading some of the entries :)

Very impressive

Great knowledge transfer

Thank you so much for doing this! Looking forward to hearing people's stories.

so much junk flooding #science
ain't that the truth.
stolen valor?.

What do you mean with "stolen valor"?

Stolen valor is a term for the behavior of military imposters, individuals who lie about their military service. (from wikipedia)
In much the same fashion that the proponents of junk claim to be science but they are not.

Ahh I understand. Thank you for the explanation!
Yes, the junk in the science tag is pretty bad. That's why it's even more important to support and promote people who actually post good content :)

at one time I tried to reason with them
now when I see it I just