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RE: How to tell the difference between crocodiles and alligators!

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Another good piece mate. Living in Australia crocodiles are pretty common place in the northern areas. What I find crazy is that up in the north the crocodiles also roam in the ocean, making our beaches up there potentially deadly.... but trust me when i say not everything in Australia is trying to kill you :P. Most of the animals on the islands around perth are pretty harmless lol... as for the rest of australia not so much.


Thank you! Haha, I'll make sure to not wander too far away from Perth if I ever manage to travel to Australia then ;) It seems like nowhere is really safe in Australia; freshwater has crocodiles, saltwater has both crocodiles, sharks and jellyfish, while the inland has both snakes and spiders!

It is such a sharp contract to Norway where the last time a documented predatory human kill was around 200 years ago!

Yeah... There's a reason us Aussie are so cheerful!! We are just happy to be a live and kicking 😁.

All kidding aside, the closest encounters I've ever had was being stung by a jellyfish as a kid, stung by a few bees, waited patiently for some snakes to go on by, and while I was fishing knee deep in the ocean at fraser island a shark was roaming the area and scared all my fish away 😐.. I almost lost my shit when i realised how big and close it was... Never ran outta the ocean so fast lol.

Those are a good handful of close encounters :O It must have been extremely frightening to see a shark while in the water! I bet you've never ran that fast ever before.