What you can learn from us #2: Spiders, spiders, diamond dust and bio-programming language

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@mobbs here. Time for my pre-christmas post, and what better than to plug our own work? As hard working curators we also squeeze in time to write awesome posts which you can read about below:


3 Amazing Spiders That Pretend To Be Something Else!

In Trumperino's post, we learn about one of the most fascinating organisms ever: Spiders. In particular:

  • Ariamnes flagellum
  • Myrmarachne plataleoides
  • The genus Paraplectan

These spiders do not... look like spiders at all, it's actually pretty crazy the lengths they've gone to mimic others. Jealous.


Diamond Rain In The Forest - A Short Story Of Fantasy

Here we have a short story complemented with a soundtrack for your reading involving a girl, a deer and a huntsman. It's quite beautifully written and even has some explanatory science at the bottom; Diamond rain is not as fantastical as you might think!


NEW DISCOVERIES: SEVEN beautiful spiders

More spiders for you. I told you they're awesome. I've written extensively about spiders, including jumping spiders specifically. These peacock spiders are in the jumping spider family, but the seven I write about are completely new to science, found in southern Australia, and they're so cute!


More Than Words

We go deep into Bioengineering here, looking at how it's already in fact a reality, albeit in its infancy and how it may affect our food, our medicine, and how programming language is so much more than just computer jargon; it goes right down to the DNA.

So there you go, check us out but more importantly, check out the steemSTEM tag for more golden science material, and more importantly still, have a great Christmas from me! (@mobbs).


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They have an acquired taste...

Regarding the last post, yes DNA manipulation is indeed real. I have an uncle who heavily invests his time in manipulating DNA, and cells within the body, obviously with the help of Software Engineers, and Doctors.

It's unbelievable how far we've come, and integrating technology with medicine reaps fascinating rewards.

Yep, Amazing stuff I can't even pretend to fully grasp the potential of!

Too many spiders here. I give up!

By give up I guess you mean embrace =D


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