Conversation With A COINCIDENCE THEORIST - Weather Modification (SATIRE)

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Fascinating explanation given as to why something that exists really doesn't exist.  

Truth Seeker:  So let’s review the evidence of weather modification and you can try and convince me as to why it’s a coincidence theory.    

Coincidence Theorist (smug):  I’d be happy to.

Truth Seeker:  First of all, how do you explain the fact that I’ve witnessed trails coming from airplanes in multiple geographic locations around the world.  Granted, some of them are legitimate water vapor trails and dissipate quickly, however, much more frequently I notice that the trails don’t dissipate for hours.  If substances show different characteristics, then it stands to reason that they are different substances.  How can you explain this?

Coincidence Theorist:  Well, just because you think you saw something, doesn’t mean that it happened.  Just because you think you witnessed something does not make it valid as evidence.    

Truth Seeker (laughing):  You’ve managed to just imply that all eyewitness testimony throughout all of history is invalid.  And for the record, there are many other people who have witnessed this, not just me.    

Coincidence Theorist:  Even if you did see such a thing, it’s obviously normal exhaust from airplanes.  You were likely near an airport or a military base.

Truth Seeker:  Sometimes, yes.  But this has also occurred multiple times when I was nowhere near an airport or a military base.  So how do you explain that?

Coincidence Theorist:  Perhaps a rogue military pilot? Or some training exercise? How should I know? Just a coincidence.  

Truth Seeker:  On top of all this, it happens very frequently that the trails will be sprayed on a perfectly clear day, and within the next 24 hours it clouds up and rains.    

Coincidence Theorist:  Sheer coincidence.    

Truth Seeker:  I might add that the US military made it rain during the Vietnam Mass Murder.  They did this by spraying chemicals in the air.  This was about 50 years ago! Do you really think they stopped? And if so, why?

Coincidence Theorist:  Even if that were true, it doesn’t mean that it would continue. Sheer speculation.    

Truth Seeker:  And what about the United Nations Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques from the 1970s? Do you think that dozens of ruling mafias called governments signed a treaty on technologies that don’t exist?

Coincidence Theorist:  I suppose it might have been done as a precautionary measure, in case such things were developed far in the future.     

Truth Seeker:  And what about the Air Force document called “Owning The Weather:  2025”? Why does that exist if there is not a current effort to do as the document states? Or the UK Parliament document about regulating weather modification? And the enormous number of patents, some decades old, for weather manipulation? Do you really think that all of this exists, but that no action is being taken to implement such things?  It’s just being sat on?!

Coincidence Theorist:  Oh, people write about such fantastical technologies all the time, but that doesn’t mean they really exist or are being used.

Truth Seeker:  You mean like when the Chinese government used such methods to keep the skies clear during the 2008 Olympic Games? Or that the UAE uses rain enhancement techniques to make it rain in the desert? Or that there are Weather Modification Companies that have contracts with state governments for precipitation management? Are you denying that this exists and happens?

Coincidence Theorist:  Were you in China to witness the government artificially keeping the skies clear? How do you know that wasn’t just propaganda?

Truth Seeker:  You just contradicted your earlier implied statement that personal, eyewitness testimony is invalid.    

Coincidence Theorist:  Well, in this particular case, it might be valid.  Anyway, why would someone want to modify the weather? It doesn’t make sense.    

Truth Seeker:  First of all, it would be an unbelievably potent weapon.  Secondly, did you know that there is something called weather derivatives? This is another fraudulent financial invention that is used to make profit on Wall Street.  And it’s all based on erratic weather! Someone with insider knowledge of weather manipulation could have a field day!

Coincidence Theorist:  I’ve never heard of such things, so it can’t be true.  Besides, the media would tell us if such a huge program to modify the atmosphere were underway.    

Truth Seeker:  So the mainstream media, which is controlled by a handful of umbrella corporations, always tells you about secret government programs? Really?   

Coincidence Theorist:  Governments only hide things that are important to national security.  It’s necessary for them to keep secrets sometimes.

Truth Seeker:  Like the Tuskegee Experiments?

Coincidence Theorist:  I’ve never heard of that.   

Truth Seeker:  I’m not shocked.

Coincidence Theorist:  Well, anyway, they couldn’t hide something as big as controlling the weather.  People would notice.

Truth Seeker:  It’s not hidden! All you have to do is pay attention, read, and use logic!  But that’s just it, people hardly pay attention to the sky or their environment anymore! How often do you look at the sky?

Coincidence Theorist:  I dunno, I never think about it.  I don’t see what this has to do with what we’re talking about.    

Truth Seeker (sighs deeply):  Ok, well, I don’t know where to go from here.  Here’s some evidence to look into if you want.    

What In The World Are They Spraying Documentary

China has a weather modification office

UAE Makes It Rain in Desert

Russian Weather Modification

Weather Weapon from the Vietnam War

Weather Modification Company based in North Dakota.

US Air Force Document About Weather Control

UK Parliament Document About Geoengineering

National Institutes Of Health Study Regarding Solar Radiation Management

List Of Weather Modification Patents

Weather Derivatives

UN Environmental Modification Treaty

That’s one hell of a “coincidence theory”…... 

Thanks for your time and attention!

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Very engaging "conversation" style narrative of a topic that needs immediate attention of all citizens globally. Coincidentally, I decided on starting a series post on this topic just last night :)....take a gander :


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This Websites Creepy. They want nano aluminum to be added to rocket fuel to "improve combustion speed". These coincidence theorists will actually believe that this would only be done with rockets and never planes.


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