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Thank you your highness, here is the breakdown of your dream and its meaning your highness, the only way you can ferry the animals and the yam without losing any is first, ferry the goat and leave the yam and lion behind. Lion does not eat yam, so your yam will be safe. On dropping off the goat return and ferry the yam across. When you keep the yam, put the goat into the canoes and ferry it back- secondary, leave the goat and ferry the lion to where the yam is. Thirdly return and pick the goat and ferry it to where the others are. That way, you would have secured the life of the animal and kept the yam from being eaten by the goat and the goat from being eaten by the goat and the goat from being eaten by the goat and the goat is being eaten by the lion, Lekan said and the king and everyone present clapped for him. Losa beamed with smiles.

Please tell me the meaning of the dream the king requested. Here is the making, the lion is the straight of the kingdom, which you represent. And he goat is the meekness of your people. While the yam and river represent the strenght of the soil that provide manking food and water finally, the canoe is our greatest source of travel and fishing and the island is Limo. All in all your highness you are to take care of all that. Thank you, Lekan said and everyone applauded him.

Youngman you have broken the jinx. Henceforth you are to work in the palace as my chief adviser. And you are to eat and drink with me at table. You have saved me from an agony that held me captive. And Losa my friend thanks you fo making one of my own as good as yourself. You are welcome into my kingdom always. The king said.

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