Fossil Hominid Skulls - Part V

in science •  2 months ago

Australopithecus africanus ( 2.5 Million Years Ago)

Homo cepranensis (1.6 Million Years Ago)

Snap taken : 22 April 2018
Camera : Helio, Model : S2

All source of info : Information Centre of Science City, Kolkata, India

To Be Continued ...

Episode I, Episode II, Episode III, Episode IV

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Very nice post with great concept. The 2 photos of Homo Skull are awesome. I like the First one. Is it really "1.6 Million Years Ago" ?

1.6 Million Years Ago skeleton 🤪 thank you so much for posting this; ❤

Is this a replica or original sir @royalmacro ? What a different between australopithecus africanus and homelo cepranensis sir ?

Like we know Charles Darwin Said if we in the past is from monkey species.

Thanks for sharing it, God Bless You sir.

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it's replica. I need to study thoroughly before answer your query. So, let me study first. thanks :)


Oke sir. Oya sir @royalmacro, I have one article telling about my experience in photography and how excited with my first shot. I have mention your name in that article. I hope you dont mind. And i hope you are give some correction to me so I will do better next post.

Thank you so much sir.

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ok, no problem. where do you live in ? Indonesia ? It's a beautiful country. Try to share beauties of your country :)


I live in Indonesia, exactly in Central Aceh. I will try to share next sir, now I must Understand step by step about this camera. Thanks you very much sir.

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Thank You so much friend for posting such a informative post...

whoo.. you have great collection of photography..