Fossil Hominid Skulls - Part III

in science •  2 months ago

Australopithecus afarensis ( 2.9-3.6 Million Years Ago) [upper]

Ardipithecus ramidus ( 4.4 Million Years Ago) [middle]

Sahelanthropus tchadensis (6-7 Million Years Ago) [lower]

Homo erectus (3,00,000-6,00,000 Years Ago), Homo floresiensis (18,000 Years Ago) [first upper row]

Homo cepranensis (1.6 Million Years Ago) [second upper row]

Australopithecus africanus ( 2.5 Million Years Ago) [third lower row]

Kenyanthropus platyops (3.5 Million Years Ago)

Snap taken : 22 April 2018
Camera : Helio, Model : S2

All source of info : Information Centre of Science City, Kolkata, India

To Be Continued ...

Episode I, Episode II,

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Excellent post...i love your dear friend royalmacro..Love you

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Very good detail information. Wonderful job. Just wonderful Skulls images. ^^

I love this post thanks for give most usefull information.tell me you like science


I was a science student and physics & math is my favourite. But, I have interest on zoology :)

These skull photos are really amazing.I like to get information about science.these photos are the best signs of archeology.It tells about history and i am much interested in it.Thanks for sharing and increasing our knowledge.