Useless information #73 - The Coriolis effect in your toilet is a myth

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I moved to Hive. You can read all my content there.
Due to a sad series of events steem is no longer decentralized nor censorship-resistant.
I don't know how it will look like in the future but right now it's more like a personal database than a proper blockchain.
Check out


I'm gonna give it a try to get it spiralling the two direction...hmmm...would be nice if that could be done at the same time, but I guess not in our lifetime hahaha

I see. You're an experimentalist :)

Actually, also a theorist, but yes, when it is my means, than why not bring things in practise.

Perhaps it is not so useless. It proves the Coriolis effect to be a pseudoforce, much like gravity. We should all wonder what other "myths" we were taught in school and why.

Interesting and informative! Corilois effect is also appear in antigravity devices, where high density mercury is applied. Or look at this simple toy giroscope:

The coriolis effect is not related to gyroscopes.

The counter-rotation of massive storm systems above and below the equator is another verifiable piece of evidence that relates to my arguments against flat earth theory post. A far better example of the Coriolis effect than water draining in a basin would be Foucault's Pendulum. One could be established in Australia and one in New York. The effects could easily be recorded and streamed live simultaneously.

nice. I'll look into it

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