Tabula Rasa and the 3 steps of awakening

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Dear C,

Finally I've got time to give you an answer and I'll use this to help myself to understand certain things and probably I'll find an end after two years of intense activism, that means I will keep watching everything but I will put my passion into my career, my life, the things which I enjoy and and which I need to keep myself balanced.

Everything I could do which was possible I did already. For about 2 years I collected pictures on a daily base on my FB-page THE REPUGNANT PILOT, I made 7 small movies (The 7 Samurai), where I share my observations and suspicions and I wrote two in the community very popular letters to the Bundesregierung, which were until today not answered at all. And I have an impressive collection of CONDITIONING pictures, which for example shall teach school children geometry by using 'contrails'. As well I noticed in every climate discussion forum on the internet the same 5 trolls, which are working 24/7, no break, no weekend.. to explain that it is all about plane and harmless condensated water. When I ask them why they are so persistent if there is nothing to worry about , .... of course I won't get an answer, because there is one reason. They just do this for money.

When the dog steals a sausage and get hit immediately he gets the connection. If you hit him one or a few days later, he doesn’t…

Back in time the planes came with bombs, people had a few minutes to look for shelter. What if there is a technology which is getting spread nowadays but will set into action later? Would we see a connection?

I am watching, collecting and asking questions, that's all.

And since the end of May I see a big success on FB with my movie LIEBER WÜRDE ICH UEBER TITTEN REDEN. More than 51.000 views, that's a lot for such an uncomfortable and disgusting subject.

Whether my flame will burn into a huge fire or not is not in my hands, but in yours and all the people who I hope, are reading this.

The bottle of wine fell over a long time ago (not only on this subject, Dr. Udo Ulfkotte spilled a dozen of bottles with his fabulous book GEKAUFTE JOURNALISTEN and he is just another example for the continuos awakening of the masses.

Now the wine is spreading out, unstoppable on the white table cloth but we all pretend that nothing has happened. But the spot is growing every day and in the near future we will ALL have to jump off our chairs to avoid to get our own clothes wet.

Until this day arrives I have nothing else to do, except to write this letter and wait. Now it's your turn! If each one of you would do 1% of what I have done, the problem would disappear.

Many intelligent people are gathering on the internet where all the information is available. In the pubs people should talk about it to make it socially acceptable. Gay people became strong and powerful in groups. But this group will grow much bigger because it applies to everyone who wants to breathe!

I am sorry to go far afield but in the end the whole life is like 'colour by numbers'. Tabula Rasa means as well uninscribed soul, but after 7x7 years my soul is pretty much inscribed... with humans, experiences and encounters.

We all know the colouring books from our childhood. The more dots you connect the more you can see if the finished picture will show a monster or a smurf.

The pieces in the puzzle which told me that it WON'T turn into a smurf were looking for me all the time since I can remember, most through my own experiences or through sources I can really trust. Neither internet, TV or books are the source of my knowledge, they only can confirm what I have experienced or found out myself.

Sometimes I have to ask myself if I am a little bit like Forrest Gump. I was very lucky or unlucky to sit in the first row. I have to reduce my big moments, I only can highlight only a few and hope you can follow me.

What makes me brave enough to write all this I have to mention Graf von den Groeben and Freiherr von Gottberg for which I am very thankful. Both were the last surviving people surrounding Stauffenberg. I met them 21 years ago while producing a TV show in Denmark. I met them both on separate occasions but both told me in the end the very same which I have never forgotten:

"Today we are the good conscience of Germany and we are shown around pridefully. But everybody has forgotten and nobody is talking about that we were called 'the crazy ones! Idiots! Agitators! and Traitors!' All this they called us."

So, dear C., you are part of the few, but in numbers growing, people who don't think that I am crazy and you noticed when I talked on Facebook that I met somebody who did heal herself from chemtrail poisoning. Here I will repeat your mail:

I am very interested how this woman healed herself.

This woman is Meritxell Castells. She is author, scientist, radio host and activist. I noticed her when she posted something about Josefina Fraile, a Spanish activist. We spoke on the phone and she told me that she got sick through the hidden spraying in the world with nanoparticles like aluminium, barium, strontium and much more on the list, but that she found a way to heal herself.
What she told me was so radical, interesting and iconoclastic that I decided to introduce her to a good friend who is using a similar vocabulary and as well communicating with the “other side“.

He is a well known and successful healer, or you could call him a faith healer as well. That he knows his business, however he does it, is proven empirically. I personally have profited from his power all over again.

In July Meritxell came to visit me. What an encounter! A very energetic, very small woman... she could play the professor in a Harry Potter movie straight away.

I was sure she will help me to understand what I call 'the 3rd step'. To understand this one it's inevitable to know what I mean with the first step and the second step.

Sorry, the letter is getting bigger.


Well, the first step is, that one doesn't think it's possible (the secret spraying of the planet with toxic nanoparticles). This is a 'conspiracy theory' or some bullshit.

Unfortunately too many people, very smart people still look at it like this. And those people are very successful people.

My friends drive at least a Porsche — one even an Aston Martin. It's called 'he's pissing a bigger stream'. All those are good and polite guys. I would put my hand into the fire for them. But that's how they talk, how they live. And that's why they don't see anything. And that's why politicians don't see anything. They are important from morning til evening and they only think about the stream they are pissing. There was only one person who made a different impression and his name is Gandhi.

Why can I see this? Well, because I have a big imagery and I can look through everything with the help of my imagination (I used to earn a lot of money with writing film scripts) and because I am living on a financial low level for the last few years. I fell very hard, because my ideas were classed as too provocative, dirty, cheeky, ambiguous or radical. "Who are you to be able to say something like this?" I was told again and again, which pushed me into a financial offside position.

Gone were the trips to New York, Budapest, Paris and Mailand. Gone were the nights in posh restaurants looking at the menue. Gone the paid flights to meet important people like producers and heads of TV stations.

I have to highlight one of them, nothing personal, but it is part of my 'observations'. It was in the 90s, where money was flowing big time. Much later I found out that young men are very easy to steer if they get a little bit of power.

It's not coincidence that I had to witness this, those are the pieces of the puzzle. Once I was there when one of those young guys, a cuban cigar smoking snob with acne, treated a very well known and liked TV producer without any respect and with such humiliation that it hurt me to witness this. Why did the old experienced guy let this happen? Well, because the young snobby boy sat on the millions. That's they way it goes. That's why I am saying: in the past there were people receiving orders, nowadays only money talks.

And as long as there is money, everything works.

But I swear, I have been there for a long time already, on the side where one can see the fence with barbed wire of this system. And there are contact mines and set guns (only a metaphor, just in case a troll can't follow my picturesque language).

And once aware, didn't I only notice that money is only Nintendo-points, wouldn't matter in the end anyway. And I became a witness that WE ARE BEING SPRAYED MALICIOUSLY. Once I saw a plane, as soon as it reached the town it started spraying and after passing the town it turned off the spray.

Another time I saw, accompanied by a witness, an orb, something shiny in the shape of a rhombus and this pulled a fat trail and then turned INVISIBLE … Yes, you read this right. I don't know what it was, I am just an observer.


The first step ("that's not possible!") is followed by the second step: sometimes even the slowest among us do drawing by numbers and start to recognize the big monster while doing it. The evidence is overwhelming, once one has grasped that you can forget about TV entirely. Not everybody in this business is corrupt, but they are the usual people with the attitude "I am too busy for silly stuff like this".

What will help? Dump the box into the bin. While the box is running and bellies full, the big sleeping continues.

But if you realize all of a sudden that we are being sprayed like cockroaches it'll pull the rug out from under your feet. What else counts after that? Why are we still paying taxes? But this is the smallest of all questions. (The honest answer would be: we are paying for our own disposal … )

What is happening very clearly right now for the first time is, that we can see the INTENTION of our RULERS unambiguously. And totalitarian rulers do exist, even though we like to imagine we can vote for them.

For the first time, with this global and inhuman action we can see clearly the visage of this MONSTER, which has probably been ruling over us since Babylon. And I can see that this monster found again enough helpers which "only do their job" and I can see how this monster is trying to manipulate our language, trying to sell this ongoing poisoning as the healing/saving solution while we are actually paying for it.

Do you know of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability in Potsdam? Not yet? Then go and have a look. They call it advanced sustainment. I call it ARBEIT MACHT FREI 2.0

We know that our egoistic society is on a path of self-destruction. Maybe that's why we accept unconsciously what is happening to us right now. Because to speed up our misery is calling for a solution to end the misery. And to let this happen God gave us our Nemesis. And this Nemesis is just the mirror of ourselves. Every mythology says it, it's a universal law.

The world is dying, in a biblical way. For the end of the Mayan calendar the mainstream media had only scorn, mockery and creepiness. Now it ran out of date like an old youghurt. I always asked myself "What happened?" Here we go! A global crime without any comparison has happened.

And when we all realize this, then we have the event which is so necessary for us to recognize that we are all one, one life on one planet. Finally we have something in common, something like the absolute necessity to BREATHE! Poor or rich, fat or thin, black or white, muslim or christian, man or woman, stupid or intelligent. Even those last two mentioned don't want to breathe nano particles. Why would they?

When we find out what is being done to us you find yourself in hell. First you will experience the 'no way out syndrome'. Because while you're reading this you will understand that there is no escape from those nano particles at all! They don't give us a choice. Vigiliant citizens have been able to avoid Aspartame and MSG. But now we are all in one boat even though we were never asked to take a seat.

And this hell keeps growing when you encounter ignorance everywhere. If you meet people who don't realize that they are with us in the same boat. People which are showing off their awards or the fancy cars while the sunlight is hidden behind a thick artificial fog. The hell is turning into a nightmare when you have to endure the mockery and ignorance of the masses including their demonstrators! This is like double punishment.

So folks, PLEASE before you start swearing or just repeating stuff like a parrot please show some respect! Not only for gays (as we have finally learned) but please show also respect for tinfoil hatters and conspiracy theorists!

Question: which 'Think-Tank' invented the word 'tinfoil hatter'? Surely the same one which invented the concept of 'Judenstern'. So haven’t we learnt anything after all? For a change just look up into the sky!

A normal human being with heart and mind can and doesn't want to imagine certain things.

That is why nobody wants to take this step to talk about things which are not imaginable, not to mention that one can't recognize things. If I can't see it, it won't eat me. That's how we act. Maybe we were conditioned like a sheep which is looking into the wolf's eyes … just one second and it's lost, all the others are running away even though they don't know why and from what they are running away.

For the very first time there is a nightmare we can only wake up from if we ALL will wake up. And to see how real this nightmare is, I will show you another piece in the puzzle. Because this is another topic which 'does not exist', a topic which we don't want to see because you and I can't imagine that someone would do something like this. And it's a topic were I can recognize the same contemptuous handwriting.

I will tell you a short, but yet very intensive love story. I will call her only 'she/her' because I won't mention her name. I met her many years ago, a very pretty, always happy girl.

Very soon she introduced me to her boyfriend, who was a perfect match to her. Both were better than Barbie and Ken. We had a very good friendship, over the years there were situations, when we helped each other out. This went through all the years like a thread. We trusted each other.

Then she had a baby. It was a beautiful family. Years later I found out that they had split up. I was wondering when I heard about it. A few weeks later I met her in the streets. We were both on our way for lunch so we decided to have lunch together. It was a long, nice and romantic afternoon … well, sometimes it's better to take a break and to wait for another day. She promised to come back soon … It felt like spring!

Two days later she came to visit me. I opened the cold white wine, she knocked back the whole glass in one gulp and then I saw her crying for the first time. Then she told me her "little secret".

This wasn't a fairy tale, I knew her for very long and I have a sense for 'on' or 'off' for a character, may it be in a film script or in real life. There are rules for the most absurd things, and I can sense this.

She told me about her father when he brought her to this place, where all his friends were waiting and when she woke up in hospital (the head doctor was part of the group) she knew, that they will leave her alone for a while. This started when she was about 3 or 4 years old and went on over almost 10 years. And daddy was one of the most powerful men in the world.

My heart burst into 1000 pieces. And here I will stop this story.

Am I the only one, who sees a connection between ritual child abuse and so called chemtrails?

I can see a connection, because as a director I can imagine to be a bored, degenerated psychopath who wants to use or make the world as it suits him. Yes, that's right! There are people like this among us, no, they are above us and they are hiding behind the curtain.

Well, if you still don't want to see anything, still the question soon will be: "how could this happen? Didn't you notice anything? How could anybody let this happen?"

And there will be more questions, they could be uncomfortable questions, it depends on the implication, but people had to listen to those questions in history before. It seems to me that those questions are coming cyclically …

With every round the playing field got bigger and the bet higher. But now for the first time we have a global problem. I am not talking about driving tanks around the globe, I am talking about air, water, skin, lungs and the blood-brain-barrier, which is easy to cross by nanotechnology (as well as by Aspartame and MSG).

In the past there was the whip, nowadays it's nanotechnology. What still remains the same as always: cowardice, deviousness and the wish to control everything. And to dominate everything.

Do you believe that just because this technology does exist the desire to use it will cease?

All of us have been held hostage for a long time already, and those who are responsible pretend to be our safeguard.


Finally I am getting to the third step and we'll beam over to my patio, on the 6th of July 2015, Meritxell, my friend, who is a healer and his wife were there for dinner.

For the first time I felt really sorry for my healer friend. He does a lot of good things, he has helped a lot of people already. And he is accustomed that people are thankful for his deeds. But like all successful people he's getting hit with vanity from time to time. But always in a harmless way. He is a very nice mature person.

But today Meritxell told him -in a sober head- straight into the face, that he is one of the dinosaurs, that people like him are keeping the structure alive which is causing the whole problem.

"What? He is not one of those medics, indoctrinated by the pharma industry which are giving out prescriptions for every little cold, he is a healer!" I defended my friend.

But the small Meritxell didn't move back for one nanometer. The principle defect lies in the approach. Somebody gives the power of themselves to somebody else and demands: 'heal me'. That's the beginning of the end, the core of every evil.

'Only you can heal yourself! You are a divine being and you have everything inside yourself to do this!'

In Quantum physics all opportunities do exist at the same time. Even the most clear ones. La vida pura. Where everything is coherent and can live harmoniously. One is either moving towards this point or away from it. And the consequences are chaos and sickness.

For Meritxell everything was very easy, for me it was abstract, but still I recognize in her ideas the same direction which was shown to us by the Maya. Or for example the Bible as well and at least 30 other cultures. Everything and all of them are aiming to the end times, a time where we get conscious about ourselves.

What, if there is some truth in it?

What if this is a change of the tides, as well above so below, what we are going through right now?

What if we are growing? Moving into another level of consciousness.

Who can remember his crawling stage? I do. All I saw were feet under the table, now and then a hand came down and gave me a piece of bread. At about 3-4 years I was able to see that there was more on the table than only bread.

I hope you understand my similes.

Another nice picture is the change of a butterfly. The blood of the caterpillar contains messengers which say: we are a butterfly. The antibodies of the caterpillar destroy all those messengers. And this is happening as above so below. Jesus, Ghandi, Lennon were the 'harbinger' which came way too early.

But the moment where the messengers are accumulating so much that the defense system of the caterpillar collapses ALWAYS happens and this is when change happens.

Another thing I am watching and which is an important detail is, the new butterfly has to leave the cocoon on it's own. If one tries to help him to get out and pulls him out of the cocoon, it'll fall straight on the floor, because it doesn't have enough power in it's limbs and it will die. This is like with an egg: when it will be broken from inside out, then life originates. When broken from the outside the life inside will be destroyed. So one needs patience to cook nice eggs sunny side up. :-)

The boundary is narrow. Somebody is trying to destroy our life, because he is begrudging our power and might which is evolving in us and at the same time he helps us that everything around is is turning into crystals, getting harder and tougher so we can climb out of it.

Can you follow me?

Meritxell continues. She said we have to transform the poison. We owe this to our planet. My answer was: 'we better gulp down the whole trash, breath in and pass wind out with a scent of daysies.'

That's how it happened millions of years ago, when the monads survived the oxygen catastrophy only, because they turned into multicellular organisms which could process the oxygen. As above so below. If the plan wouldn't exist already for a long time, God wouldn't have let it happen.

And we are right in the middle of it. I can still only guess what is on top of the table where the adults are dining and how it will look like...

And now you will say: that's grand but how will I adapt this? How will I implement this into my life?

And that's where Meritxell found what healed her.

There is only one way which will help. Be honest with yourself. Be honest to yourself. And then you will be honest with the world. Stop fooling yourself. Move yourself in honesty, that's where you will be with God (or however you want to call him). That's where we are protected.

Mind is (indeed) over matter … even school physics starts to understand this. One can't manipulate or dominate matter, when the mind doesn't agree. But to realize this you need an honest calm. And they do everything that we will never find it!

But in that moment, when you find your own honesty, a complete different dimension opens up. You don't feel this? Question: have you turned off the television yet?

Now, at the end I want to say, that I would be happy if my observations and conclusions would help humanity. If not, I don't give a crap. I just pointed things out: there’s nothing more I can do. But don't forget. Then the elite would not only have won, they even would have been proven right. We are only the mob, obedient, wicked, easy to seduce, quickly aggressive, quickly hammered, quickly disappointed, quickly at war. No surprise that they are treating us like insects. Squelching our children, spraying our houses. If you're ok with that, well that's your choice.

I'm at an age when I can retire. I see myself wandering along the beach in silver-grey swimming togs. Still looking for beautiful women which I can impress with my beer belly.

Take care all of you, love,

Tim Dabringhaus aka The Repugnant Pilot
August 11th, 2015

Addendum, October 3rd 2015:

  1. Since Obama and the pope are heating up the story from the 'biggest threat of all times: climate change!" the trolls are getting out of control, some of them are even threatening me. I realized that my meticulous collection and my unanswered 'stupid' questions to the government are thorns in the flesh of those who are still trying to lead us to believe the threat of CLIMATE CHANGE. This is why I am repeating here my entire collection, an aptly-titled THE COFFIN NAIL, as a download for everybody! Please study it carefully and build your own opinion. I hope there are attorneys and judges among my readers:!2w51lSQS!3NBf9KBr0ik4YI9nwl97tQ

  1. Somebody working for a telephone company contacted me. He helped to build the masts for the 3G and now 4G network. This contact remains anonymous. He told me that this is actually military technique and the masts are WAY TOO POTENT for the common mobile phone use and that he is not surprised to see pulsed clouds everywhere. And that meanwhile two out of three people are getting cancer.

You can count on your five fingers what the result will be.

Here a few more links (the same and MORE like on, now on Facebook). I am only sharing my own stuff, anybody interested can google the patents, blood-, soil-, rain analysis results and much more!

I would collect more, but I am asking you a last question: did I gather enough? Are 572 blatantly crass pictures enough or does it have to be 5720 pictures? Please save me from more pain!

Please see both video lists! Thank you.

  • The 7 Samurai
  • please explain this!

and here the following photo albums

  • The Best Of The Repugant Pilot
  • NORMALizing
  • Briefe/letters
    you can find all of them here:

The simple believes everything, but the prudent gives thought to his steps. — Proverbs 14.15geometry english.jpg

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