Who is responsible for vaccine safety?

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And why is there such a disconnect between what authorities tell us and what we witness ourselves?

The pharmaceutical industry has no liability when it comes to vaccines. That liability was taken away in the 1986 compensation act.

Before you go like "Oh not another anti-vaxx nut" consider I'm about to apply vaccines created from your own tissue to boost immunity to help me and my daughter deal with immune issues. To reawaken our immune system. This might not be the best link but I can provide more information on Cancer Vaccines - Methods and Protocols which I have to read but putting off.

I'm also providing studies after the interview where the question of collusion is brought to light. I started with that because the message was so powerful. And I wanted to show the psychological methods that are being used to trick even scientst here on Steem. There's nothing more dangerous than a useful idiot which is highly trained with a degree. Why? Because most of us believe you without questioning.

I know were are not idiots but we can be acting like one. By providing some history I hope you'll see the ridiculousness of it too.

But those who want to dig into the science can skip that section.

Video interview with Del Bigtree, director of Vaxxed

Here are excerpt, quotes from the video:

The liability now sits on our health department, which is Health and Human Services (HHS) which oversees the CDC, FDA, HRSA and NIH.

Essentially, what we're pointing out is that no vaccine safety studies are being done, since the pharmaceutical industry doesn't have to, they can't be sued. There's no reason for them to be doing safety studies, because it's on Health and Human Services. And they're not doing it either!

Thus we put a notice forward with with legal backing saying if you do not prove that you are starting to do the vaccine safety science that we and everybody expects we will start a legal case.

Vaccine safety science is just like drug science, which is it goes through double-blind safety experiments that we get to see. Like saline placebos against the drug itself.

That is not happening in vaccines. For instance, a hepatitis B vaccine that's given to a day one old baby, only has four days of safety studies before it was put on the market! Compared to grandpa's viagra, which got ten years. And that safe was study for the hepatitis B, never had a placebo group. It looked at it essentially just said: oh, there was some swelling in the arms. Think about that. If, on day six the baby died that didn't make it into the study. The death was not caused by hepatitis B vaccine. If the child develops multiple sclerosis two years later, that wasn't a caused by the by the vaccine, because we never looked.

Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System

VAERS or Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System our national system that records vaccine injuries, had 59 thousand reports last year. But the problem is Health and Human Services points out themselves, even though this is their system as since it's a passive reporting system, doctors are not really using it. Therefore it really only represents less than 1 % of the total injuries That means we could have had five 5.9 million people injured by vaccines.

Also if that's only one percent, does that mean we're at 43 thousand deaths happening from vaccines? And almost no one knows about this. The public thinks vaccines are safe, they keep being told by Sanjay Gupta and people on television: "Oh, we've looked at vaccines, they're perfectly safe, the science is settled". That is absolutely not true.

The case for legal action

I've been investigating this for three years. I think this is the biggest government cover-up in the history of my lifetime and certainly when it comes to medical science, the scientific method is not being used. Everybody's sticking, their head in the ground and children are dying, being maimed and injured every single year. It's a known fact and, and nobody seems to want to go near it.

So we are pressing a legal case against HHS if they do not come back to us and say "we're going to get our act together and do the job that America expects us to do" then they can expect legal action from us.

I think it's important for people to understand that vaccine manufacturers basically blackmailed president Reagan back in 1986. They said we're going to completely stop making vaccines unless you give us total immunity.

This is something that is bigger than Big Pharma. Because when they have to test a drug, they go through an extensive testing period. But vaccine manufacturers don't have to do any testing for vaccines, because these people have any legal immunity, they can't be sued.

A separate secretive court for vaccine injury compensation

A key part of it too, is the secret vaccine court that it created. Most people don't even know that such a court exists, so they don't know that other people are getting injured. They're told by mainstream media that vaccines are "perfectly safe, we've examined this there's nothing to see here, move along". And yet there are people who do get compensated from this secret vaccine court, but they don't even most people don't even know that it exists.

This court isn't like a normal court. There is no jury. Press isn't allowed in there, there's no precedence. You can't refer to other cases that have won, there's no discovery. You can't get any of the internal documents that we saw that were used to determine whether the vaccine was safe by the manufacturer.

So if you look at, you know something like Vioxx that we all watched the court case around Vioxx. It killed over 50,000 people. Some people say that number could be as high as half a million. Internal emails from Merck came out that showed that they were saying that any doctor that questions the safety of Vioxx, "we will hunt them down and destroy them where they live".

That came out in the court case. That's why you need discovery! But when someone goes to fight a vaccine injury they get none of that. You can't see the internal emails. You can't look at those studies. It's a totally corrupted system.

Also what people don't realize is, when you think of a conflict of interest, Health and Human Services, is responsible to do vaccine safety science. But guess who is the defendant when your child is injured or is killed by a vaccine? The defendant in this court system is Health and Human Services itself. You're literally sueing the government of the United States.

Why government bodies don't necessarily work

Health and Human Services are the epitome of regulatory capture. We talked about so many times how the bureaucracies that are set up to be watchdogs over particular industries, wind up being captured by those industries and used to help them. And I've never seen a worse case of regulatory capture than the situation of Health and Human Services.

One of the major conflicts of interest is the fact that HHS has to defend the vaccine program in court for anyone injured. They're also the ones doing the safety science. If you're going to win in court, you have to use HHS as safety science to prove that your child has been injured. Well, think about that! That's like being in a murder investigation where the murderer is the one doing all the forensics, it's totally impossible to win. And they won't do the science because it'll be used against them in court.

Conflict of interest

We want vaccine safety taken out of HHS because they have too big a conflict of interest.

We've done this with the National Transportation Safety Board. We did it with the Nuclear Regulatory boards. We decided that when we're promoting nuclear energy, we can't have the same body that promotes nuclear energy being the ones that investigate a meltdown. It just doesn't make sense. The same thing with plane crashes. So we want vaccine safety taken out of Health and Human Services and establishes its own firewalled regulatory agency.

You cannot prove safety if there are no studies being done.

Vaccines are not safe, there's no way to prove they are safe, because no placebo based studies are being done. So there's no safety being established in any of these 72 vaccines that you're being given over the course of your first 18 years of life.

One thing that should be happening to determine what injuries are being caused, would be the simplest study known to man and that's a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study.

Whether you believe in vaccines or you're skeptical of vaccines. We should all want to know what is the safety of, and what is the health progress of people that get vaccinated versus those that don't.

There's a database inside of the CDC called the vaccine safety datalink. It has ten million people in it and all we're requesting is that a graph be put up and that all the vaccinated children be put on this graph and all the unvaccinated children be put on the graph, so that we can ask questions like:

What is the rate of autism? Is it 1 in 68 children when you're unvaccinated, because that's where the vaccinated population at.

What about asthma? ADD and ADHD? Multiple sclerosis? Childhood leukemias?

All of these things are on a massive rise: we've gone from 11 % autoimmune and neurological disorders back in 1980s. And now 54 percent of America's children have an autoimmune or neurological disorder.

When you watch that increase, it goes right along with when we passed the 1986 Compensation Act. We took away liability and all of a sudden, the vaccine industry exploded.

We went from 5 to 10 vaccines for our children to now 72.

This is the sickest nation of children in the industrialized world and it's the sickest generation of children this country has ever seen.

A little study

There was a study that actually came out in 2017 of homeschoolers. They found that vaccinated children did have lower rates of measles and chickenpox, and infectious diseases like that. But they had 4 times the amount of autism, 30 times the amount of allergic rhinitis, 4 times the amount of neurological disorders. ADD and ADHD over 4 to 5 times higher in vaccinated children.

The Brady Bunch Tackles Measles

You have become pointlessly terrified about a harmless disease. Now, you are screwed. You have a [censored] up immune system that will never generate authentic immunity, so you'll have to rely on more and more booster shots, which work less and less.

Do your kids a favor and don't pass this problem on to them.

If you believe that the measles vaccine is completely necessary and that it will improve your children's health, and that people who don't vaccinate are a threat to your health and the world's, you are a complete and utter moron who makes a 50-year-old Brady Bunch episode look light years ahead of you.

All I can do is wish you: Good luck with your vaccines! And that is my incredible opinion.

Measles, Back In The Days Before The Marketing Of The Vaccine

So what we're seeing is you may be protecting against what was once a trivial childhood illness like measles. There was a Brady Bunch episode in the 1960s. We all giggled, because the whole family got the measles and they got to stay home from school.

But now they've turned it into Black Plague. They've made everybody terrified, and it's not true. The death rate was minimal before vaccine ever arrived, and the question we have to ask is: have we replaced measles with autism, neurological disorders, autoimmune disorders, like multiple sclerosis?

What can we people do?

We're telling people go to our website, I can decide and print out this HHS notice and deliver it to your legislators. Let them know that the HHS is on notice.

People have to recognize our freedoms are being robbed from us. We are being forced injected. Here in California where I live, because of a law called SB 277, our children can no longer go to school unless they get 72 Vaccines! That's public or private school.

The pharmaceutical industry is the most powerful lobby in Washington. Now they're out spending oil and gas two to one!

That's twice as much money going from pharma into our politicians. Buying our presidents, buying our senators, buying our congresspeople. A

And you got to ask yourself what do you think they're doing there? You know the people will think it's just about drugs. It's really about vaccines.

This is a product, that has no liability. It can be forced through laws. We are passing laws and writing laws all across this nation to force you into these products.

And it's not just about kids. I want to warn people. On the Health and Human Services website they have something called healthy people 2020, and that is a mandated vaccine program for all adults. The kids are just the beginning. In the end, they want 320 million mandated customers and there are 270 vaccines in the pipeline.

Neil Miller

Neil Z. Miller,1 a medical research journalist and director of the Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute has investigated vaccines for three decades and written several books on the subject, including "Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective?," "Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Health Practitioners" and, most recently, "Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies: 400 Important Scientific Papers Summarized for Parents and Researchers."

Dr. Mercola Interviews Neil Miller on his Review of Critical Vaccine Studies

The United States had the 34th worst infant mortality rate in 33 nations.

Now, the children in the United States are required – if they follow the CDC’s immunization schedule – to receive the most vaccines in the developed world, actually throughout the world. Globally. Twenty-six vaccines. Other developed nations require less. Some nations only require 12 vaccines – Switzerland, Sweden, Iceland and other European nation. Yet, they have better infant mortality rates.

That’s what our study looked at. I wanted to look and see, since vaccines are promoted as being life-saving. They’re given to children to protect them against dying from infectious diseases. We gathered all the immunization schedules from the 34 nations – the United States and the 33 nations that had better infant mortality rates. The United States had the 34th worst infant mortality rate in 33 nations.

Collusion between the federal regulatory agencies,the government and the industry

Dr. Mercola:

I think this is, in large part, a result of the collusion between the federal regulatory agencies,the government and the industry. I mean when you have individuals like Julie Gerberding, whois the head of the CDC, in charge of infectious disease recommendations in public health forseven years, I believe, and then when she quit, she turned around as the president of MerckVaccines, which is one of the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world. This isn’t one isolatedcase. There are dozens, probably hundreds of other examples of this revolving door.

Neil Miller:

It’s an absolute revolving door. The pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry arein bed with each other. We have a serious problem where top scientists in the country admit thatthey drop data points from studies, that they’ve been influenced by the people who are fundingtheir studies to sometimes not publish the study because it didn’t come up with the results thatthey wanted, etc. Yes, we have a serious problem with the pharmaceutical industry controllingwhich studies get published.

VAERS underreporting of vaccine injuries

Neil Miller:

When you buy a vaccine for your child, when you go to the doctor’s office and buy a vaccine, a portion of the money that goes into that vaccine actually goes into a congressional fund. Congress in 1986 established a congressional fund to compensate parents when their children are damaged or killed by vaccines.

To date, as of this date today when we speak, more than 3.6 billion – that’s with a capital B – 3.6 billion dollars has already been paid out to parents to compensate them for their children that have been permanently damaged or killed after receiving mandated vaccines.

Dr. Mercola:

But you know what the real tragedy in that number is? It literally should be 10 to probably 100 times more, because almost all the cases are thrown out.

Neil Miller:

Absolutely. Not just that, but the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, VAERS, is a passive reporting system. I have a study in my Vaccine Safety Manual – that was the book that I had written before my most recent book. In that book, I document a study that actually came from a pharmaceutical company. It was an internal study that they did to look at passive reporting systems.

A passive reporting system, according to the pharmaceutical company’s own internal investigation, underreports by 50 to 1. So that when you see a report in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System for some child who’s been hurt or killed from a vaccine, you have to multiply that by 50 to get something that’s closer to reality, especially when parents aren’t even warned about the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. They’re not warned to look for various types of conditions after they receive the vaccine.

Vaccinated versus unvaccinated studies

Neil Miller:

When children contract chickenpox, when children contract measles, mumps, rubella, you gainprotective benefits that protect you in later life against cancer. Several studies, multiple studieshave confirmed this time and again. These are really vaccinated against unvaccinated studies.These are studies where they’ve compared populations that had caught these diseases naturally versus populations that never got these diseases. They look at the cancer rates in later life.

Dr. Mercola:

Let me stop you there because I think it’s an important point. I don’t know that anyone inthese studies have ventured to guess or speculate on the mechanism. But it would seem to me that when you have a naturally acquired infection, you’re really exercising your immune system quite profoundly in developing authentic immunity, lifelong immunity, which is radically different from the type of artificial immunizations that are done through vaccinations, which is not life long – it rarely ever is – and has relatively decreasing antibodies and actually stimulates a different part of the immune system.

It could potentially increase your risk of cancer rather than decrease it. We see that in many ofthese other vaccines, like human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.

Neil Miller:

When you are vaccinated, you are prevented from gaining that lifelong natural protectionagainst cancer. Also, I’ll mention against heart disease.

Dr. Mercola:

What’s the mechanism there?

Neil Miller:

I’ll tell you about several other studies that confirm that the infections – They know that later born children – they’ve known this for years and several studies show this – I don’t show these studies in my book but I mention it in the introduction to the chapter on cancer and natural infections. Several studies have confirmed time and again that later born children are actually more protected against cancer than firstborn children. And again, for the same reason. They are exposed to more infections.

Herd immunity

Herd immunity is often talked about but the theory has more holes than Swiss cheese.

High vaccination rates encourage the evolution of more severe disease-causing agents.

There are several studies that have shown this, but there are also theoretical studies where
they’ve used mathematical models. They show that it’s impossible to achieve herd immunity with high vaccination rates.

What happens though is that when you have a vaccinated population, the microorganism in there is learning to adapt and become more virulent, because it has what’s called selective pressure. This goes back to Darwinian principles of evolution. Within the vaccinated population, the strains actually become stronger, because they have to overcome the strength of the vaccine that’s trying to do them in.

In the unvaccinated population, the unvaccinated population is creating an environment in which the disease becomes less virulent, because it doesn’t want to overtake and kill its host.

The pertussis vaccine is only 60 percent effective. That’s with the best estimates. That’s only for a couple of years. The studies show that even after three, four or five years, you’re back to almost no efficacy whatsoever, almost back to the pre-vaccine period.

How can you expect to achieve herd immunity with a vaccine that is only 60 percent effective? You can vaccinate 100 percent of the population and you cannot achieve herd immunity with a vaccine that is only 60 percent effective.

Toxic adjuvants like aluminum maybe worse than mercury

One of the ingredients in vaccines was Thiomersal until it has been taken out because people were worried it might cause damage to the brain. Thiomersal is a compound containing ethyl mercury. Wikipedia. Of course you'll find a lot of lies on Wikipedia and other mainstream media outlest and social networks which you can read about in my previous post and on the history of my blog. I'm listing it here anyway so you can see what is actually happening.

Neil Miller:

Aluminum may be worse than the mercury.

Dr. Mercola:

I’m convinced that it is too. Yes.

Neil Miller:

I’m actually convinced right now as well that the aluminum is more significant than the mercury. There are high contents of aluminum in the vaccines. We’ve got many, many studies. I document this in a paper that I wrote on this. The title of the paper is “Aluminum in Childhood Vaccines Is Unsafe.” (PDF) There are many studies that show that it causes neurological and immunological damage. But having said that, and you’re getting multiple doses –

Dr. Mercola:

Hold your thought too, because I don’t want to get people too discouraged who’ve had children immunized already and say, “Oh. What am I going to do?” You can detox aluminum. There are strategies. Orthosilicic acid, a biosilicic example that can do that, taken with a binder, can effectively detox and remove it from your body.

Neil Miller:

One of the problems that the new research is finding is that nanoparticles of aluminum may be worse than larger particles because they can pass the blood-brain barrier and cause significant
long-term damage. But I definitely always want to leave parents with hope that there are researchers out there that can detox you from heavy metals and can help you to regain.


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This information is vital and as you can see we need to be critical in our thinking and do our own research just like Neil Miller set out to do when his wife was pregnant. I wish I had done my homework then!


I had a friend who worked on big pharma. I asked him about vaccines and he told me that it is a matter of statistics.
In other words the side effects doesn't prevent a vaccine or a medicine to be in the market if the death rate by the side effects is below the standards of the industry.
Considering also the corruption and the political influence that comes with big pharma's that makes the death toll to increase in favor of money.

This and a few other reasons because my 4 kids (now adults) had no vaccination at all. And they were and are in PERFECT health.

Wow, good to know! What made you decide not to vaccinate at that time?

Well, i worked as a young woman in the health system and saw a lot strange things going on. So i became very early very suspicious, not only with vaccines. During the years i made a lot of research. So with every kid who was born, i was more and more sure, to be on the right track. Finally my kids now (i gonna be soon grandma :-) ) have same opinion. There kids will be un-vaccinated. By the way not only my kids, also all my animals. I had during the last 30 years all kind of animals in huge number. Like over 20 horses, a hundred sheeps, goats, chicken etc. NO vaccines for them at all, no problems at all.

That's great to hear! Thank you for your reply.

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Cool so it will be a crossword puzzle about vaccines?

Well, it's not all about vaccines but covers varying topics. The crossword includes 10 blog posts and the idea is to make Steemers read whole posts, word to word, with an eye towards the answers hidden in those posts to the clues given.

Its basically the same as with every other drug or medical treatmeant - nobody takes real responsabilty. And what would "taking responsabilty" mean anyway? Once the damage is done, what good does it do if someone apologizes, or pays a fine?

And what would "taking responsabilty" mean anyway? Once the damage is done, what good does it do if someone apologizes, or pays a fine?

Good question, well make someone 'whole' again, so in this case pay for recovery, detox, good nutrition, therapy etc. but typically standard medical doctors cannot fix patients. I have good experience with electro therapy like PEMF, nutrition, enzymes, herbs. And I've heard good stuff about c60.

Nothing really. And the fine would be a trickle of the flood of money the manufacturers would have gained

I spent 22 years in the military where vaccines are mandatory, including the flu vaccine. I have often wondered, are any of my health issues from these vaccines, like the anthrax vaccine for instance. Every year I would try and weasel my way out of the flu shot, but inevitably command caught up with me. I am convinced that big pharm, the gov and the military are all in cahoots and the military is a big cash cow. What better place to push vaccines, than in a place were you have to do what you are ordered? Hell, we are so brainwashed on vaccines, that even when we go to the VA after being retired, they still push that stupid flu shot, and it is hard to say no. This year, after being retired for three years, I am staying away from the VA and am going to see how the flu season goes without the vaccine. I think I will be fine.

Wow, that's sounds horrible.

It is good you are waking up but why did you chose the call handle new-world-dad?

Here in Africa, you sometimes have no choice. Especially when a strange disease comes up and the vaccine is the only way out. And although the Polio vaccine has helped in almost eradicating polio from Nigeria, a lot of people prevented their kids from receiving the monkey pox vaccine due to general distrust of the government.

The polio vaccine is administred orally right?

Yeah. It's administered to infants and has really helped to curb the crippling disease.

Are you sure about that? There is a lot of manipulation going on esp. regarding vaccines.

About eradicating polio? Well, we cant be so sure of such things but there has been a noticeable drop in the numbers of children growing up with polio myelitis. I actually believe that the vaccines helped to achieve that.

That's great to hear!

just another way for Pharma to make some more money bringing us something that we don't need but that they think we need.

Just like the recent case of Fentanyl in the US.

I enjoyed reading your post. There is a lot of good stuff.
thanks for sharing keep it up

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You as a consumer is responsible if something went wrong. The seller is not liable, they just there to make money and not care about you.

You as a consumer is responsible if something went wrong. The seller is not liable...

And what about the manufacturer?

Nice question. The manufacturers should be the ones to blame the most as they sometimes give kickbacks and influence the administration of drugs to those who do not necessarily need it.

you reveal it thanks for this @nutela

I want to go when I want. It is tasteless to prolong life artificially. I have done my share; it is time to go. I will do it elegantly.

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