Thanks Nick, one has to admit it is a strong candidate - however, given that there are literally 100s sparks a second how does it even get the chance to build up?

You may need to download the gifs from the link at the bottom as they are quite large.

The Pictures arge impressive, first I am happy that there are holes and the pressure is released there. And not on a other way. The reaction looks slow for me. Like a Sin curve. I agree the reaction was over water. To les water movement for a reaction under water. I wouldn't go as far to say a plasma discharge. But I really don't know.

We have water, we have anode, cathode and Charge. Brown Gas is not so far away under that conditions. That is an assumption.

A lot of new stuff to think about it. All the best for tomorrow!
You make a puzzle peace by peace. And sometimes you go one step back to se a bigger picture. Come back with the most possible knowledge, what ever it is. Every outcome will be a positive outcome, when you look back in a view weeks. What ever the next 2 days brings.

Again a lot off lessons to learn.

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