Will Science Stop Aging? (English/Turkish)

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I'm trying to keep a close eye on the macro trends that affect the world so that my sci-fi stories and novels would have a realistic background. Population growth and the life expectancy are among significant macro trends. These are very efficient issues for science fiction; the fact that the generation of wealthy, powerful and immortal middle-aged people who rule the world is not a pleasant scenario. A world with immortal vampires may seem attractive in movies and novels, but in real life, such a situation would be unpleasant.

Another reason I'm interested in the average life expectancy is that I'm now in the second half of my 40s. In my twenties, I had no interest in health and life expectancy. I found pointless and dull to discuss this kind of issues. I learned to empathize with middle-aged people in time.

Life Extension

The improvement of living conditions and the developments in the medical field have significantly increased the average life expectancy. Statistics show that life expectancy has increased 0.2 to 0.25 years in a year in recent years. According to this, the average life expectancy is rising 1 year in every 4 or 5 years.

The average life expectancy in the world was 32, 55 and 72 years, respectively, in the years 1800, 1900 and 2012 according to historical trends, although the average is different based on the level of development of the country people live. You can have a look at detailed life expectancy statistics by country from here

The longer life expectancy raises the question whether it is possible to stop or even reverse aging. My research shows that there is no consensus among scientists on this subject. The mainstream view argues that stopping aging will not be possible in the near future. Life expectancy statistics show that progress in this area is slow. Another group with a more optimistic outlook believes that exponential development in science and technology will eliminate the aging problem over the next 50 years. I would like to dwell on whether long life is desirable for humanity before we go into the details of this discussion.

Possible Consequences of Radical Life Extension

People are concerned that radical life extension could have devastating effects on the environment. Population growth has negative consequences such as global warming and shrinking living areas of other living species. On the other hand, as countries develop and women become more educated, the number of children per woman decreases. This applies to all developed countries and affects developing countries like Turkey. In Turkey, which constitutes the world average of many statistics, the average number of children, has declined rapidly over the last 50 years. Educated people living in big cities have one or two children. In small towns and rural areas, the number of children rarely exceeds 3. Accordingly, population growth rate has decreased over the years and continues to decline. In most developed countries, the population is not growing at all, and in some countries, it is falling. The trend of statistics shows that in developing countries, such as Turkey, the population growth will be close to zero in 2050.

Another effect of slowing down or completely stopping aging will be increased average age. Unfortunately, people spend the last period of their lives at home or in the hospital because of obstacles created by health problems. Although advances in medicine have increased the average life expectancy, the situation has not changed for older people to spend the last ten years of their lives struggling with diseases. People live a poor quality of life in this final period of their lives; they feel sorry for their burden on society. Will it be possible to shorten the length of this period? I hope so.

Longevity will threaten the retirement system, which is created with the foresight that people will live 70-80 years. This threat is trying to be eliminated by increasing retirement age along with the life expectancy. This has affected a lot of change in the young generations' point of view. With the foresight that they will work for at least 35-40 years, the new generation wants to do the jobs they love and to make long vacations.

If scientists can stop aging one day, this situation will not produce very bright results for young people. In institutional structures, young employees will not be promoted due to positions they have not emptied by middle-aged managers. Nowadays, the situation of having an inheritance of 50-year-olds in the average will be postponed to an uncertain future.

Our greatest solace about inequality is that everyone will die one day, and at least everyone will be equal in the face of death. In an environment where aging is stopped or reverted, those who have become immortal vampires may want to reign over the world forever. Moreover, the anti-aging therapies would be a privilege that only very wealthy people can access. It's not hard to predict that this would be the case at first. On the other hand, as we have witnessed in other technological developments, we can foresee that these therapies will become cheaper over time so that the masses can begin to take advantage of this opportunity.

Stopping aging doesn't mean people are going to be immortal. Only deaths caused by age-related diseases will be eliminated. Accidents, murders, and deaths caused by non-age-related diseases will continue. In such a scenario, death will become a much more dramatic event for those who are satisfied with their life.

We like to put forward benefits of old age to accept the aging process we see as an unavoidable phenomenon. These benefits include increased life experience and financial accumulation with age. However, we all know that youth is a preferred situation. From the age of 28, our mental and physical performance is starting to decline. As our knowledge increases over time, our mental performance does not decrease until the mid-50s, but as we know from athletes, our physical performance drops by about 10% every ten years from the age of 28.

One day, being unable to play basketball(yet I can play) seems less important to me compared with the decline in my cognitive abilities. It is not pleasant to see that our loved relatives are declining with each passing year in the cognitive sense and to know that we will share this fate with them in time.

Life Extension Methods

Aging can be defined as the accumulation of pathological conditions caused by changes in metabolism over time. As the age progresses, the unwanted changes that accumulate cannot be tolerated by the body and functional disorders begin.

This is similar to the small mistakes that occur when we make a copy of a paper. Because the next copy will take place through the previous copy, errors will accumulate over time, and an image that is not similar to the original copy will eventually emerge.

The primary diseases related to age are cancer, Alzheimer's decease and osteoclasts. The incidence of these diseases is increasing as the age progresses. In developed countries, large amounts of money are being spent on treating these diseases, but progress is not at the desired pace.

I mentioned two different approaches to aging. The science of gerontology deals with the biological, social and economic problems that arise in old age. Gerontology is trying to develop ways to help people with advanced age.

Another approach is life extension, which is controversial if it can be qualified as a science. These studies are aimed at extending the lifespan by taking advantage of the developments in the field of gerontology so that problems related to aging never arise.

Life extension aims to keep people young, with methods such as tissue regeneration, stem cell treatments, molecular repair, gene therapy, and changing organs. In the United States, this area has become a significant sector through the sale of hormones and food supplements. In 2009, 50 billion dollars revenue were created in this sector.

One of the methods used in life extension is calorie limitation. Experiments on mice and bats yielded findings that calorie restriction extended life. It not yet clear that how the calorie restriction accompanied by certain food supplements affect people.

Growth hormone production in the body decreases with age. Growth hormone supplements are shown to extend life in animals. However, it is not yet clear that this supplement does deliver positive results in humans.

Rapamycin, metformin, resveratrol substances lead to life extension in animals. It is not yet clear that they are beneficial for humans.

Studies have been conducted to prevent shorting of telomerase using an enzyme. However, it is concerned that interfering with telomeres can lead to negative consequences such as cancer.

Futurist Ray Kurzweil expresses that nanorobots that will be sent to the body through blood circulation would be used in intracellular repair activities in the future. Nanorobots, which will be administered by nanocomputers, are thought would serve to eliminate the waste occurring inside and outside the cells as a result of aging.

Cloning and stem cell research is being conducted to reproduce cells, body parts or the entire body. As a result of these researches, it is aimed to replace the organs with parts appropriate to the body's tissue. These studies are creating an ethical debate.

There are two clinics in California, where young people's blood is injected into older patients, resulting in longevity, dark hair, better memory, better sleep, improved diabetes values and curing Alzheimer's disease. However, the results of the study are not proven by a valid scientific publication.


There are more straightforward solutions that extend lifespan, of course. One of these solutions is to dance. We all know about the positive effects of physical activity on health. According to a study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, dancing is more beneficial to the brain than other physical activities. Studies on subjects with a 68-year-old average showed that a program where different types of dances are learned each time is more beneficial to the brain than other physical activities. You can access the details of the study from this link

It is a known fact that factors such as vegetable, fruit weighted balanced nutrition and positive social relationships help us to live longer. You can access the information on this topic in the following post I have written earlier.

7 Questions & Answers About Life Expectancy

An individual who does not have a significant problem would want a longer life. On the other hand, I think it is more important to live a peaceful, happy and healthy life.

Thanks for reading.

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Ortalamalar yaşanan ülkenin gelişmişlik seviyesine göre fark etse de tarihsel trendlere göre 1800, 1900 ve 2012 yıllarında dünyada ortalama yaşam süresi sırasıyla 32, 55 ve 72 yaş olmuş. Detaylı yaşam süresi istatistiklerine buradan bakabilirsiniz.

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Yaşlanma konusunda iki farklı yaklaşımdan söz etmiştim. Gerontoloji bilimi yaşlılıkta ortaya çıkan biyolojik, sosyal ve ekonomik problemlerle ilgileniyor. Bu bilim yaşı ilerlemiş insanlara yardımcı olacak yolları geliştirmeye çalışıyor. Diğer bir ekol ise bilim olarak nitelenip nitelenemeyeceği tartışmalı olan yaşam süresini uzatma çalışmaları. Bu çalışmalar miyomedikal gerontology alanındaki gelişmelerden yararlanarak yaşam süresini uzatmayı, böylece yaşlılığa bağlı problemlerin hiç ortaya çıkmamasını hedefliyor.

Yaşam süresini uzatma çalışmaları doku yenilemesi, kök hücre tedavileri, moleküler onarım, gen terapisi ve organları değiştirme gibi yöntemlerle insanların sürekli genç kalmasını hedefliyor. ABD'de bu alan çeşitli hormonlar ve gıda takviyelerinin satışı üzerinden yürüyen bir sektör haline gelmiş durumda. 2009 yılında bu alanda 50 milyar dolar gelir yaratılmış durumdaydı.

Konuyla ilgili kullanılan yöntemlerden biri kalori sınırlaması. Fareler ve yarasalar üzerinde yapılan deneylerde kalori sınırlamasının yaşamı uzattığı yönünde bulgular elde edildi. Belirli gıda takviyeleri eşliğinde yapılacak kalori sınırlamasının insanlar üzerinde nasıl bir etki yaptığı henüz belirsiz.

Yaşın ilerlemesi ile birlikte vücuttaki büyüme hormonu üretimi azalıyor. Büyüme hormonu takviyesinin hayvanlarda yaşamı uzatmaya yaradığı gösterilmiş durumda. Ancak bu takviyenin insanlarda olumlu sonuç doğurup doğurmadığı henüz net değil.

Hayvanlarda yaşamı uzatıcı yönde etki yaptığı kanıtlanan rapamisin, metformin, resveratrol gibi maddelerin insanlarda kullanılması halinde ne gibi etkiler yapacağı araştırılıyor.

Bir enzim kullanarak telemoreselerin kısalmasının önüne geçilmesi yönünde çalışmalar yürütülüyor. Ancak telemorese'lere müdahale etmenin kanser gibi olumsuz sonuçlara yol açmasından endişe ediliyor.

Ray Kurzweil tarafından gelecekte kan dolaşımı üzerinden vücuda gönderilecek nanorobotların hücre içi onarım faaliyetlerinde kullanılacağı ifade ediliyor. Nanobilgisayarlar tarafından idare edilecek söz konusu nanorobotların yaşlanma sonucu hücrelerin içinde ve dışında oluşan atıkların temizlenmesinde görev yapacağı düşünülüyor.

Hücre, vücut parçası veya vücudun tamamının yeniden üretilmesi amacıyla klonlama ve kök hücre araştırmaları yürütülüyor. Bu araştırmalar sonucunda eskiyen organların ilgili vücudun dokusuna uygun organlarla değiştirilmesi amaçlanıyor. Bu çalışmalar etik açıdan tartışma yaratıyor.

Kalifornia'da bulunan iki klinikte genç insanların kanları yaşlı hastalara entekte edilerek uzun yaşam, koyu renk saçlar, daha iyi hafıza, daha kaliteli uyku, diyabet ve Alzeimer hastalıklarında iyileşme gibi sonuçlar elde edildiği ileri sürülüyor. Ancak çalışma sonuçları geçerli bir bilimsel yayınla kanıtlanmış değil.

Yaşam süresini uzatan daha basit çözümler de var elbette. Bu çözümlerden biri dans etmek. Fiziksel aktivitenin sağlığa olan olumlu etkilerini hepimiz biliyoruz. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience isimli dergide yayınlanan bir çalışmaya göre dans etmek diğer fiziksel aktivitelere kıyasla beyne daha faydalı. 68 yaş ortalamasına sahip denekler üzerinde yapılan çalışmalar her seferinde farklı dans türlerinin öğrenildiği bir programın diğer fiziksel aktivitelere kıyasla beyne daha faydalı olduğunu gösterdi. Çalışmanın ayrıntılarınas buradan erişebilirsiniz.

Sebze, meyve ağırlıklı dengeli beslenme ve olumlu sosyal ilişkiler gibi faktörlerin de daha uzun yaşamak konusunda bize yardımcı olduğu bilinen bir gerçek. Bu konudaki bilgilere daha önce yazmış olduğum aşağıdaki yazı üzerinden erişebilirsiniz.

Yaşam Beklentisi Hakkında 7 Soru ve Yanıtları

Çok büyük derdi olmayan her bireyin daha uzun bir yaşamı arzu edeceğini tahmin etmek güç değil. Diğer taraftan huzurlu, mutlu ve sağlıklı bir yaşam sürmenin uzun yaşamaktan daha önemli olduğu düşüncesindeyim.

Okuduğunuz için teşekkür ederim.

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Ja se ne suprotstavljam starenju - iako je društvo ljubaznije od muškaraca nego žena kada je u pitanju starenje. Kako mogu gledati na starenje kao neprijatelja? To se događa, volim li to ili ne, a nitko nije odvojio od starenja; dolazi nam svima. Mladi prolaze od svih pa zašto onda to zanijekati? Ponosan sam na moju dob. Ponosan sam što sam preživio ovu planetu koliko god imam, a kad bih trebao završiti skučen, naboran i dugog života mudrosti, trgovati ću par godina mladosti zbog sofisticiranosti velikog uma ... međutim, dugo traje.

Up to now, life expectancy has not increased due to the improvement of the human body, but due to the successful fight against unfavorable factors such as epidemics, hunger, hard working conditions. Having coped with viruses and developed technology, civilization has entered a stage where most people live safely to the natural limit of their age. But even with the most healthy lifestyle a person does not step over the physiological limit of 120 years. To move on, it is necessary to change not the external environment, but the body itself. And for this we need to understand the nature of death. It turns out that death is not necessarily the destiny of every organism. For example, in Hydra – a freshwater polyp from the group of jellyfish, there is a continuous renewal of cells of the body. With proper care, she lives indefinitely without showing signs of aging. Bacteria are immortal. Long-livers are some cancer cells. Even humans are partially "immortal": our blood, epidermal and gastric epithelial cells can be renewed without restrictions. So, unlimited longevity does not contradict the nature of life. To get closer to the solution of this mystery, biologists had to go down from the cell level to the step where the DNA.
Why bacteria do not grow old? Their DNA, unlike the DNA of other organisms, has the shape of a ring. When a cell multiplies, its "duplicate" is divided as follows. The circular DNA molecule "sits" special protein. He "crawls" on it, increasing the copy until it reaches the starting point. A duplicate of DNA is obtained without changes.
But hundreds of millions of years ago, more complex cells appeared. Their DNA exploded-the molecule has acquired the famous form of a double helix. Once the molecule is broken, its " tip " is no longer copied. Having reached the end, the enzyme does not feel the presence of DNA on both sides and stops working. Therefore, the next copy of DNA is a little shorter than the previous one, it is not accurate. But each piece is vital information. Cells multiply constantly, gradually they accumulate "errors".
DNA is restored in humans only at the beginning of his life – in the womb. Studies have shown that the fetus has a special protein that builds on the ends of the torn DNA molecule a certain text. But, when the baby is born, the enzyme somehow stops working. Accordingly, begin to accumulate errors in cell division, and we begin to age.


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Thanks to your articles, I also learn a lot and most importantly new for me. :)


A well-organized comment , it has just made the article easy to comprehend


Interesting article. Anouther thing to consider is the possibility of uploading your consciousness in a virtual world when you die. The question is, is it you? Or a copy of your consiousnes? I really am terrified of the concept of nothing happens after death.


I was just about to suggest the same @cosmiccrimes but then again, "Bacteria are immortal" is really a new one for me and offers hope that the human cells could somehow be genetically engineered to replicate the bacteria.

Really wonderful read from the writer and also a splendid comment. Thank you.

In future,I believe human can achieve eternity!

Very interesting and truly brilliant post. As I understand aging is definitely an irreversible process, but certain good health practices can definitely delay it to keep one healthy, but for a finite amount of time. Growing old and then being chucked out of the ecosystem is the vital part of the system to keep it going on and on, without getting way too crowded, by whatever ways, means and methods. Nature's strategy is very well known to the humans, still they try to undermine it and playing with God to become immortal. Impossible.
The essence is as you rightly stated, "it is more important to live a peaceful, happy and healthy life."~

Coincidentally I decided to write about longevity this week as it turns out the World Health Organisation has made a small but significant step towards a greater focus on longevity.

I highly recommend reading an essay by Nick Bostrom called The Fable of the Dragon Tyrant it really changed how I thought about this issue. I’m totally onboard with the idea of longevity now.

For anyone concerned that a treatment will only be for the rich, think of the iPhone. All the money in the world could not buy a devices as small and powerful as an iPhone in 1990, it took mass adoption of phones before it became a possibility. I see longevity as similar.

Very interesting! I think the biggest breakthrough in extending life expectancy would be figuring out how to keep the quality of life throughout the 80s-100s. Like you said, the last ten years really hasn't changed much. The quality of life is poor for the last few years even though it has increased.

If there was a way to stop the cells from deteriorating rather than just fighting off all sickness I think the quality of life could continue well past the 100s. If bone density and muscles could maintain their structure through that later stages of life, I think we could see a huge increase in the expected age of an individual.

It is all very interesting and increasing life expectancy doesn't come without it's consequences... It will be fascinating to see what the future will bring!

Awesome post!

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Dostum bir iki not düşmek istedim."metformin" halihazırda insanlarda kullanılan bir diyabet ilacıdır.Teyzelerin çantalarına "glifor" ismiyle girmiştir.Temelde insülin hormonuna duyarlılığı azaltır,bu sayede hem diyabet de etkilidir,hem de kilo verilmesini sağlar,ayrıca kalp damar sistemine olumlu etkileri olduğu da gösterilmiştir.Senin de yukarıda belirttiğin gibi kalori kısıtlamasına bağlı anti-aging etkisi ortaya çıkıyor olabilir.Ayrıca bir ek daha yapmam gerekirse akademik çevreler tarafından onaylı tek anti-aging yöntemi kalori kısıtlamaktır,yani hali hazırda insanlar üzerinde araştırmaları yapılmış ,yapılmaktadır.Günümüz itibariyle pubmed de 22600 adet makaleye ulaşılabilmektedir.


Az yemek gerek ☺ Tanıdığım zayıf insanlar hep geç yaşlanıyor. Görünen koy kılavuz istemiyor.

Hocam elinize sağlık. Sadece bilimsel anlamda değil sosyal anlamda da detaylı bir inceleme olmuş.

Transhümanizm çalışmaları sanıyorum 50 yıldır ciddi şekilde var. Fakat toplumların mantığı henüz çok uzun yaşamlara uygun değil. Hala ilkel içgüdülerimiz ve iktidar sevdamız var. Evrimin bizden yana olduğuna inanıyorum. Bu nedenle belki de 300 400 yıl sonra insanlar hayatı birbirleri için kolaylaştırmaya başlar ve o zaman yüzyıllarca yaşamak daha anlamlı bir hal alır.

Tekrar elinize sağlık :)


Insanların olduğu gibi olmasını bir tür zorunluluk olarak görüyorum. O nedenle çok kafayı takmıyorum işin o tarafına. Daha insancıl olsalar daha iyi olurmuş ama insanlık zor şartlardan geçip bugünlere gelmiş. Kurnazlık bencillik vb gerekmiş demek ki. Ya da öyle olanlar bugünlere gelebilmiş.


İnsanı da zekasını da diğer türler gibi görmeyi başarabilirsek yani dünyaya çok uzaktan bakabilirsek sonsuz yaşamı bile bulsak bunu insan doğası kabul edebiliriz.

Sizinkiyle benzeşiyor. Ben de bazen gündelik kızgınlıklarımı böyle gideriyorum.

Thanks for this post. How I wish most people will get to read it. I believe for one to experience longevity, another important factor is the ability to manage our emotions well. Emotional instability, manifesting in different forms, is contributing to a physical ailment, which should not have been without it. Anyways as we progress in life, with endless growth and development in science, we expect life to be better than it is today

I hope one day scientists would find a way to minimize the aging process and prevent diseases which are most prominent in older people. But with the increased life spam population of Earth may increase multiple times, there would food shortage and many other problems.
Instead of having a longer life like centuries we should long for a healthy life instead. We are in this world to be tested. We should earn the rewards of noble deeds and we should be helpful to the community. We should be playing our part in the life like we should so that we would be remembered by people like the Great Men of Past.
BTW it was very informative blog and was written really well!

I'm not opposed to aging - even though society is kinder on men than women when it comes to getting old. How can I look at aging as the enemy? It happens whether I like it or not and no one is set apart from growing old; it comes to us all. Youth passes from everyone, so why deny it? I'm proud of my age. I'm proud that I've survived this planet for as long as I have, and should I end up withered, wrinkled and with a lifetime of great wisdom, I'll trade the few years of youth for the sophistication of a great mind...for however long it lasts.

Each time i look around me and see what science has done to the world, I smile so much and totally agree with God that He created us in His image and likeness so therefore He has given us the power to do wonders just like His son Jesus Christ did when He visited mankind

Science is a forward continuous process
Who knew about blockchain technology 50 years ago?
look at it here today waxing strong and strong

Science has done more good than harm

@muratkbesiroglu As per my view Some wrinkling is inherited, and a specific measure of wrinkles are normal to maturing. Maturing Is Reversible—at any rate in Human Cells and Live Mice.

A thoughtful and informative post, thanks.

It's unfortunate, in my view, that most people reading this as new will probably not get repaired by armies of nanobots cursing through their veins. However, from what little I understand of blockchain technology, the element of immutability means that perhaps hundreds of years from now the future everlasting vampires will have an interesting historical snapshot of the fragility (and relative shortness) of life as it stands in 2018.

Good sharing. I'm 29 yrs old woman, n i have insomnia. I'm wake up all nite long n sleep in early morning since my high school. I had no interest in health until this year when i get wrinkle in my eyes. I think i would like to be vampire to stop aging lol

Physical activities really help in increasing life span but one has to take care of stress level in doing physical activity.There should be minimum stress in doing physical activity one has to enjoy himself.Doing regress exercise will not give desired outcome but activities like dancing as mentioned above helps in burning calories as well as relieving stress and helps in increasing life span

Very good post! I fully believe that biological immortality in humans is achievable in theory one day. Once this kind of immortality is obtained the only feasible method of death would be by accident (assuming that future humanity is also immune to diseases). As such, what I would be interested in seeing is what the cumulative probability of death by accident would be once a person reaches a certain age?

I presume it would be very low for the first couple of centuries or so, but would then dramatically increase over time thereafter...

A very long post about one topic needs a lot of time and study of that topic great post sir @muratkbesiroglu keep growing


Thank you. You're right about the time I spent ☺

Interesting subject. It would be interesting to explore just how long humans would live if deprived of ageing stimulants like stress, GM foods, pollutants etc. As seen in the 'green zones' regarding life expectancy.
In relation to treating ageing and disease with 'tissue regeneration, stem cell treatments' etc. My belief is that this methodology focusses on patching the negative effects of unnecessary abuse rather than stimulating the original source, being that the mind/perception influences everything (we are in essence only energy and thought after-all). If we could somehow live and be more present, grounded, live each cell, omnipresent maybe, then death could only be an eventuating choice. Shit, time may even disappear completely!
'Disease cannot exist in an alkaline environment' I hear regularly. Mans conundrum is that he is trapped between being part base physical and part spiritual. Man wants his cake...without the repercussions.

Quantum theories into DNA purification are also very interesting....

Very good research and well presented! But these are still very conventional and main stream and conservative old world approach to this issue of anti-aging or slowing down the aging process! People are afraid of death, for sure.

Have you heard of C60?! Have you ever listened to Clif High videos?!

Parallel universe is coming! All is in the mind!
Have you ever tried the experiment ‘mind over matter?!’



I plan to dig deeper in time.


Sorry for the late reply. I am very certain that you' ll excel in whatever you put your mind to it! With your quality work and reputation, I have no doubt at all!

You'll change quite a bit when you dig deeper, life would never be the same!

Good luck.

There are already ways to extend life by understanding how to extend TELOMERES. This is a secret only a few doctors and scientists knows. I work with some of these doctors who also work with very rich people and celebrities.

Extending your telomeres mainly deals with eating healthy organic food, living in a more healthy environment and learning how to avoid stress.

With this being said, it should be everyone's responsibility to keep our planet Earth healthy too because it is a direct reflection of our physical health.


Could you provide some more insight on practical ways to elongate telomeres please? I am DYING to know :D


There are actually many ways to do it. One is to eat healthy and do non-stressful exercises like walking. Live a rewarding life such as being in a functional community.

If you want to get technical at the medical and science world then look up the special enzymes called Telormerase. These are certain enzymes that is known to extend the telomeres.

This is only half the story. I believe there are many other conditions involved at this process such as compassion.

Hi @muratkbesiroglu I believe in science and agree that it can do wonders. People can get healthy and peaceful life but it doesn't mean that we can get life of 100 years or so. There is an end of everything be it things or humans. But this idea also seem to be very difficult to be realistic. Hope it will become reality in future but as of now we can not imagine something like this.

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Their already exist life extension technologies which aren't widely available to the public. Some are very disgusting and actually relate to vampirism google the "Ambrosia company Peter Thiel". There is also life extension tech avaliable only to the ultra wealthy. Why the British royals live so long....unless they get divorced !!!!!

With the medical advance nowadays, patient who contracts HIV can live up more than 70 years old, if he/she receive the highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) properly. I cant see why longer life expectancy is impossible, of course the healthy diet, exercise and stay emotionally peace is critical. Hopefully the breakthrough on telomerase to reverse telomere shortening will bring us positive change in human civilization, but not the opposite.

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very knowledgeable

Not everyone is interested in a longer life but if it is healthy and peaceful. Suicide is also a term too that is being considered by many as a result of low quality of life.

yeah i hope science can have the solution for aging and death. i think it can through the means of Artificial Intelligence or computers that can read our brains through nerve paths i wonder what would that feel

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Thank you for the reminder. I already used my gbytes.

In the current global scenario, you have taken very vivid speculation. I believe, both of them do not seem right. But one of them will face the world in the future. In a country like India, whatever it may be, there will be a lot of trouble


I watched a bollywood comedie movie last night. It was perfect. Its name was Makkhi. It was about an angry fly trying to take vengeance.

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This is a well-written article

Thank you for this post. Apt and concisely put
Can I reference this please? ????

muy buen post, solo Dios quien es el Creador del Universo y de la Especie Humana tiene control de la Vida y la muerte, pero seria excelente que la ciencia logre una mejor calidad de vida en la Vejez.. espero eos avances lleguen a Venezuela.


I understood most of your comment without knowing Spanish. It is similar to English or vice versa. Espero que EOS aumente

Ojala se pudiera!


Thats very cool if we can stop aging but thats against the law of nature

The world is a wonderful place, we have to protect it

Your so long post but i got all and i liked it what you wrote

Thankio so much giving information


I might want to be halted at age 22 and following is my rationale :


When we say maturing process is halted, it implies that I get the chance to have all the physical properties that a run of the mill solid 22 years of age has.

My psychological capacities additionally stay at 22 years old which implies I can process musings and thoughts at same rate, my memory stays practical as at 22 years old and so forth.

My insight and experience is amassed. It isn't so much that I wake up ordinary and overlook everything that happened yesterday henceforth not growing up as a man. Since you learning and experience makes you what you are, not your age and physical capacities. So I would prefer not to be screwed over thanks to the knowledge and basic leadership abilities of a 22 years of age. A run of the mill vampire would be a decent case of what I am going for barring the parasitic and night creeping obviously.

all motivation to live your best life will vanish if we could live forever! The certainty of death and the uncertainty of our future is what makes life beautiful. Even if I have to die today I'll accept the trade off between having to live forever.

hi @ muratkbesiroglu I think ,stop aging is not good , it will be against nature .Most important thing is to live a happy ,healthy and peaceful life.There are many therapies which keep us healthy and peaceful ,one of them is acupressure by which everyone can fit yourself by investing few minutes per day .by this therapy everyone can fit yourself free of cost .
Thanks its a good post , I really appreciate all the efforts you put in the post .

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Everything is possible in this world. 500 years ago, human just thinking to fly, but due to science it has become possible. So this will definitely be possible in the future.

Your post is just too good i loved the way u wrote it lets help each other grow. Scientist may or may not find theWay to stop ageing but one thing is for sure if we follow healthy diet and eat organic food and follow a strict routine we can deacrease the ageing

thew question is like saying will gravitational force stop because man has been to the moon
there is not any cure, soulution to aging albert it can be slowed but it is definate
CHANGE it is the only constant in this life #thelovebug will say we should spread love

Hey, i think its a good issue for modern science. Tap a new feed again.. Thanks for information... 👍

No they wont. Every creature have their lifespan. Try making a cat healthy for 100 years its impossible. Admire what you do and I followed you. You will like my amazing steemit blog where I ask life biggest questions in different scenarios . Follow my blog for more interesting post.

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I commend you on your effort to keep with science trends for your writing! Great post, and good luck with your novels!


Science is a common language for people from different backgrounds. Science unites. Thats why I like it.

Science has tried and failed, however science still provides innovative ways to still go about such a problem

For me I adopt a standpoint of lets watch and see


It sounds reasonable


Ending Aging by Aubrey de Grey is a great book! Thank you for posting this.

I want to express a different point of view about this subject. Yes according to statistics every century there is a significant improvement on life expectancy. But other than medical and social improvements which play an important role on life expectancy, there is also a very crucial element to determine the life expectancy. The System. If the system gives you technology to heal illnesses or prevents you from being sick, thats a plus but the big question here is at the cost of What? If the system makes these improvements by destroying the environment or killing other "people" who are approved to be out of the system than there is something corrupted and corrupted things cant live long. Its not something about morality only but also about the mathematics of having a sustainable long life expectancy. If we dont count the structure of the system in our calculations to determine the life expectancy at any given time, we fail.

As we failed recently in 20th century. Yes in 1900's life expectancy was longer than 1800's and 1700's but in 6 years we lost 60 MILLION people because of the result of THE SYSTEM. Now in history books its called as "The Second World War" but who cares the name. Let's not forget the outcome of it, thats enough.

Interesting post. Thanks

This is true that life age and everything depends on the things that you eat and the way you follow the life cycle and Take forward , life age has always reduce , earlier people were dying at the gate of 100 to 110 now it has gone to 70 to 75 , we are looking this to go down below 70 in next 50 years

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If it happens it will be disastures !!🎂😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

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This seems like one of those "big question" cases: Science may be able to create eternal life, but should it?
If eternity were to be made available to everyone, I suspect that overpopulation would rather quickly destroy civilization. If only the super-wealthy could afford to live forever, they may be the only segment of society to learn whether John Mellencamp's lyrics are ultimately true.
Oh yeah, life goes on. Long after the thrill of livin' is gone."