What are some of the fields of science and what are those?

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The field of science is generally divided into two parts.
1.Social Science
2.Natural Science

Social science is a branch of knowledge that deals with society and human behavior. Social science is generally considered to be a greater field of knowledge, including anthropology, archeology, crime science, economics, education, history, linguistics, political science, international Relationships, Sociology, Human Geography, Psychology Things like Law, Environmental Science, Social Work and Comparative-Culture Studies are sometimes discussed in social science.

Occasionally, social science is meant only in the social sciences. Emil Durkheim, Karl Marx and Maks Veerber are generally considered to be the original architects of modern social science. Sociological social scientists look at science in modern terms and use the analogous approach to natural science in understanding society. On the other hand, explanatory social scientists give social critique or symbolic explanations rather than the theory of verifiable knowledge. They take science in a very broad sense. However, in the field of modern research, researchers are generally conspicuous and use quantitative and quantitative research methods Michelle in the field of research. People related to different departments and subjects are currently working on the goals and methods of social research, which gave a specialization to social research. In a broad sense, defining social science can be said that social science is an equally convincing judgment and rule based practice of human society.

A branch of natural science science where discussions about natural phenomena. Depending on the observation and observation, natural phenomena have detailed details, causation, and predictions of nature. Rationality and effectiveness of scientific advancement and innovation are done on the basis of experimental examination of nature science.

There are two major components of natural science: biology and physical science. There are many branches of physical science. Such as physics, chemistry, aerospace science, geology etc. These branches have more than one branch.

In Western philosophy, logical science (formal science) is used in the study-based science and natural sciences; Such as math, logic The rules of nature are expressed mathematically, which are known as the principles of nature. The science of such logical science is used in social science, but it basically emphasizes quality research. On the other hand nature science is more dependent on quantitative and practical audit.

Modern natural sciences established on the traditional principles of natural philosophy. These traditional principles originate from ancient Greek philosophy, Galileo, Ron Descartes, Francis Bacon, Newtonian Science. Newton insisted on mathematical and auditory methods in natural sciences. However, in spite of this, natural science has the necessary use of philosophical, predictive theory. In the 16th century, systematic information collection and research resulted in the richness of natural history. In the present age, natural history describes the causes and theories of various events of nature, which is used in science teaching.

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