Designer Babies or Create your own child, cure genetic diseases, Cancer...the future? It is close, too close...

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We can finally create our own custom kids?
CRISPR is a relatively recent breakthrough in genetic engineering that will change the future forever!

Scientists have discovered a way how to modify DNA with astonishing precision that can be done even in small labs worldwide. It's name in short is CRISPR. It will allow us to treat patients with it and cure diseases even as near as 10 years in the future. It's has already been tested many times on mice and monkeys with very successful results, but due to the morality of it, it's currently in a form of delay in terms of testing on humans.

This technology will change the human kind forever, it's only a matter of time. Genetically enhanced humans are the future. This technology will enable us to "customize" every aspect of a human being and cure numerous diseases.

But the question that's been debated now is, is it ethical? In a future where, we can choose the color of our kids eyes, choose the "desired" height, IQ...etc and all that in a embryo state, does that mean we would result in a world where imperfection can't exist, where humans like you and me are "faulty"?This is the biggest drawback of a technology like this, but it's positive sides are numerous, from curing diseases, to the creation of "super humans" ready for interstellar space travel, to extending our lifespan and so on... It's implications are numerous...Now you get why this discovery might be the biggest discovery in the 21st century.

It's a symbol of a new era in the human kind and a tool that would ultimately ensure survival of the human species. But all this is for now just, a far future. The first time that scientists expect us to come in contact with this technology is in 10 years for curing diseases, but human trials are already happening...

The video covers brief GMO history and CRHISPR, so please watch the video it's part of the post

More detailed info here introduced by Jennifer Doudna the co-inventor of CRISPR, watch this if you have time to

If you have 15min's to spare, watch it, if not bookmark it for later, it's worth it.

The future looks bright, even frightening, the stuff we see in Movies today, will become reality tomorrow. But for now let's stop thinking about the future and focus on the present. Scientists are currently debating the morality of this technology, so why don't we have our own little debate here on Steemit? I will start with my view on this and I encourage you to please state yours in the comments.

I think that this discovery is the greatest discovery in the 21st century and that this will save the human species, reduce the effect global warming has on us and all in one only benefit us. It will enable us to "conquer" other planets and expand as a species on multiple solar systems in the far future. We'll be able to use this technology and make "humans" with specific abilities that enables them to live on otherwise uninhabitable and hostile places in the universe. Is this ethical, will "faulty" humans exist in the future? I think that's not in our power to choose, governments will most likely influence it's implementation, but as In every movie and In our nature, there will be individuals that will fight against the system and that will resist. Will they be "banned" from society? Honestly, I think they will...if the current governing system stays. Yet in a more libertarian system, "original" humans would be "preserved". I think, that "designing your child aesthetically" is unethical, it's pure "cosmetic". Yet giving your child "basic" live improving abilities, like better eyesight would be normal.



This will eventually create a new class of humans. Those that can go under mods will prevail. The poor will perish.

It will create a new class, but an important aspect of it to point out is, this technology is really cheap compared to what it used to be, It will be accessible even for us "mortals".

just imagine how much more disappointed the parents who spent stupid amount of money genetically engineering their kid to be the smartest kid in the class when he/she decides he/she wants to be in a rock band instead of being president.
Joking aside though i hate that this will effectively turn children into a product. The amount of parents who already feel some sense of ownership over their children's lives is already horrific.

The more beneficial use of it is in ridding children of heritable diseases. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to prevent a child from getting Huntington's disease? Or how about correcting the error that results in xerodurma pigmentosum, so the child could live a normal life and play outside in the sun.

I don't have any issues with it for medical purposes at all. the "build a baby" aspect of it though is a very different story.

These are situations which arise for a lot of the biotech endeavors, there are aspects of them which are universally agreeable as wonderful. However these are powerful technologies and with that comes along the ability to do morally questionable things. A lot of discussions will need to be had in the future to address all of these potential concerns. However from the perspective of someone doing work on these sorts of enzymes, the potential for good is there and it's what is driving a lot of researchers (I'm sure there are some in it for the glory or something too, but most of us at the bench just want to do something that will help others).

I wrote a post on CRISPR a while back. It's a very interesting technology, however lets not get too carried away with what we can currently do with it.

too carried away with what we can currently do with it.

No offense, this makes me think that you don't understand this technology?

I have used Cas9, so I am pretty familiar with the technology.

Interesting... anyways, please re-read the post and watch the video that's supposed to be watched... You seem to misunderstand the post somehow.... :))

I don't misunderstand the post at all. :) My statement was more of a semantical one, this technology holds great promise. In practice though, more work needs to be done. On the bright side, I know of quite a few very interesting projects going on pertaining to CRISPR and Cas9 currently.

however lets not get too carried away with what we can currently do with it.

You seem to misunderstand, I'm not saying we can "fix" people now.....nor getting carried away what we can do currently with it. The post clearly states at what stage, CRISPR is right now and what the future might bring, if you like join the discussion and state your opinion on the morality of it, like the scientists did back in December...I'd be glad to hear your input on this.

I am all for gene editing to correct debilitating diseases. I do not personally think people should be able to edit the genomes of their children for cosmetic reasons (biologically speaking). These sorts of things bring out the question, what does it mean to be human?

Exactly, I'm also against "cosmetic" changes and yes they do.

I'm not well informed about the technology, but if it's really possible I think "the perfect" world is unachievable goal. I believe this kind of "improvement" will be very expensive, at least at the beginning, but until something could change there will be already at least two society layers. Thus there always will be those who could not use it, at least because it'll be too expensive.
Maybe overall idea is good, but I feel some natural disgust.. :( I think it'll promote people's laziness. It's OK to cure diseases with this thing, even psychological, etc.. But humans are really lazy, so I think it'll be started to use in order for parents not to spend any time educating their kids. Theoretically it's OK till the outcome is fine, but I personally feel it's somewhat wrong... Of course, I may be just not ready for new technologies yet, they do scare me, honestly. :)

Interesting thing you say there is that it will be expensive, well It's not, that's the "problem" and part of it that makes it so revolutionary. But, yeah in some extent new technology is both frightening and exciting.

No, I didn't mean that it will be expensive as such, but my idea was that it will be expensive as a service, because it gives great opportunities, and people will be paying for that.
Also, a possible issue could be that some viruses could be created that will cut out some good parts from genome, something similar to computer viruses - new era in terrorism.

Very interesting points.

This is an idea I never considered about it.... People could in fact do that. The only difficult part is the delivery of required guide and trRNA's.

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