Is superconductivity infectious?

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Has MFMP volunteer Bob Greenyer discovered evidence of a new pathogen or is it really just a vector?

Trivandrum Rotary Club, India (Mid 2009)

Scientist from Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre Wikipedia / Government official site

Was told that they had a device that could be fully immersed in a fire and produce electricity

Dr. Brian Ahern (18 Apr 2014)

Lead Scientist for US Department of Defence, specialist in superconductivity talked about Arthur Manelas’ 'free energy' vacuum battery.

The device produced electricity - but got colder than the ambient temperature when doing so.

Francesco Celani (2016)

Talked about anomalous electrical production from his nano-coated wires whilst being heated.

ECCO fuel analysis (March 2017), Brno, Czech Republic

Discovery of natural elemental superconductors in Suhas Ralkars ECCO fuel, that is to say the highest temp type II elemental superconductor Nb (9.26 Kelvin) and the highest temp type I elemental superconductor Pb (7.19 Kelvin), in Suhas Ralkar's ECCO fuel that was produced with 3 cross axis 1.5kW 19.46kHz ultrasonic transducers processing a mix of Ni, Ti, C and H2O for up to 200 hours.

ASTI, Italy (9 June 2017) Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (CMNS) conference

  • Showed that we had seen a range of ‘transmuted’ elements in the analysis of ECCO and HOMO samples, these elements are common observations in LENR
  • Showed that process seemed to favour production of superconductors.
  • Breeding superconductivity, hypothesised that it was easiest to be in that state, that it maybe following somehow a resonance of the driving signals being applied like a metronome synching experiment.
  • told about super conductivity affecting whole wires, that is to say, when a superconductor is attached to a wire, after a while the whole wire starts behaving as a superconductor.
  • my presentation showed evidence that elements in a certain state could act as a superconductor regardless of ambient temperature

Tom Bearden (August 2017)

“Fer de Lance” and “Oblivion” books discuss 1990s soviet scientists demonstrating in Moscow and UK

  • Cold liquification / casting of metal
  • Huge currents through very fine wires

He raised the concept of Negative Resistor, that is a device that takes some form of energy from the environment and produces electricity.

Conference in Graz, Austria 1st October 2017

Keshe technology description by Australian, Dr. Richard Presser

  • System is apparently nano-coated copper wire
  • There is a “GAs in a Nano Solid state” GANS core
  • The wires apparently ‘condition’ wires and devices in owners house to use less power
  • Wires of device reputed to be cold even with huge amounts of power going through them

Making GANS
Assembling Magrav
Magrav Testing 1
Magrav Testing 2

Keshe foundation forum



"A putative condensed matter / mono-atomic / mono-molecular phenomena, whereby other conductive elements in an electrically, physically or resonantly connected structure, progressively synchronise behaviour or form with a precedent superconductive structure in the same linked system."
Bob Greenyer, 9 October 2017

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American researcher transmits power down hair-thin wire.

Max Nozin found this report of a Russian group claiming to be able to transmit huge amounts of power over a single 8 micron wire with no return using tesla scalar wave technology, that which is credited with being able to produce metal softening also.

Youtube's auto translate subtitles works reasonably.

Oh my life already, I have been a true believer in cold fusion since 2011 but the things that are being discovered are unbelievabubble. Our cells can transmute elements....

The first reported biological transmutations in modern times are from 1798.

Dr. Brian Ahern was sent this blog for comment. His response was

Thomas Bearden worked closely with Floyd Sweet

He witnessed the Sweet device produce electrical energy in the 1980s.

Sweet based his work on Tesla

Manelas based his device design on Sweet's reports

Tesla patented the bifilar winding transformer
Tesla invented the single wire, pulsed DC, power source

Manelas uses both of those concepts.

The key seems to be understanding where the second Tesla electrode is. Because all electrical engineers work with 2 wires.

The Earth is the second wire and energy flow is from the earth to the high voltage, pulsed DC electrode has curious results if the wire is first surrounding a ferrite billet.

Prof. Francesco Celani was sent this blog for comment, his response was

Now we are preparing a NEW experiment which aim is also to RECONFIRM such very intriguing effect. [that was reported in 2016 onwards]

Other aim is to INCREASE the AHE, at constant input power.

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