If you want to increase the size of your IOT, keep thinking.

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The full form of IoT is Internet of Things. What is your proof of a man in your country? You have a national ID number. A mobile phone; What is its identity? Yes, it has an IP address. And all the devices operated by the network have such a contact number.

It is not limited to You are going bank-going, shopping-going, going to a special office; Everything is controlled by webcam. For a person to monitor but people are not going to fix it. We can see it through the camera.
That means there are some sensors with which we get benefits in everyday activities. Almost everything in the developed world has now come under I & T. Almost everything, including transportation system, electricity, healthcare, is going under the I & T. If you think a little bit things will be clear.

So far, only the animal has come to know about ecosystems or ecosystems. But we are not yet aware of the technology ecosystem. The ecology of technology is much more rapidly changing. So it is important for everyone to know about it.

It was said that with Vice President of I & T Marketing, Jason Collins of Nokia and Frank Plowman, I & T policymaker. In an interview with them, they were asked how they can retain the status of I.T.T at the moment and can increase the scope. So let's see briefly some parts of that interview. Let's see how their thoughts are.

Questioner: So Jason, you tell me how you increase your workforce for your clients?

Jason Collins: What people think of in the case of I & T is that increasing the scope of work means increasing the quantity of machinery. In order to increase the workload, the issues that need to be resolved must be kept in mind. Suppose you want to measure the temperature of a geographic location.
So you put some instruments there. Here is more important than the quantity of the machine, the mechanism for the installation of the machines. Suppose you set up some expensive 2000 instruments, but could not ensure the safety of the devices in that place.

How will it be? So it depends on the work. It also depends on time. Because, there is nothing stagnant. Many things can change. You appoint a vendor to sell one of your products. Now, in the future, if you bring changes to some of your products, the seller will not be able to sell it again. Because, with time it is no longer the same. So there are many things that can affect the circumference.

Frank Plowman: I have some say here. I would like to talk a little about the dealer's responsibilities. When we talk to customers, we often get a question that we can get such a service or solution from a vendor.

So what is the need for such a platform? Rather, if I increase the platform's coverage or network, then there may be some major changes in hardware for such a large network. So the costs can be higher. Even big changes in the device may come.
So the cost depends primarily on the coordination of each subject and according to the hardware combination. That is to try to increase the circumference by just adjusting and coordination.

Questioner: Well, if so, what would be an ideal platform?

Jason Collins: This is the Layered model. Think of the OSI network model. But there are many layers, because of which its complexes are less. And the value is maintained.

That means that the value on the total must be maintained properly. As well as adjusting the issues with the standard and proprietary protocols.

Frank Plowman: Well, if we discuss some layers of I & T platform then The bottom layer is usually a device or sensor. Data is available through these. And there are different types of networks. There is another layer on which it transports data.

And above all, the application layer that everyone can see or see. So there should be clearness in every respect. For example, the data will be in place of data. Temperature is at the place of temperature. It can not be thought of where this temperature came from or did it. Just know that there is a temperature effect for your application. The work is easy to work in every part of this.

Jason Collins: Another thing is if a common Internet application..

Examples and languages ​​are more understandable only for big entrepreneurs. For the benefit of the readers, I have tried to highlight the interview in very short and easy way.

Finally, Techtunes is a vast platform for knowledge about science and technology. Know the unknown But yes. Just do not sit in love. Spread these knowledge to those whom these tunes can not reach. Knowledge is not about keeping yourself. Spread around those who are in the neighborhood. Love technology, stay with technology. Stay with Techtunes.
So far as today I will be present in front of new information. And do not forget to tell how tune is. If you have any questions about tune, please ask the question in the tuition box below. You can also contact me on Facebook.

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