It rains glass sideways on this Earth look-alike.

in #science3 years ago

This planet might look like Earth however that is where the similarities end. There is a stark contrast between earth and HD 189733b. It is 63 light years far from earth and is the size of Jupiter. The planet gets crazier the more we learn about it. It is gravitationally locked from the star that it revolves around which means one side is always in the dark similar to our moon. Its 2.9 million miles from its host star, for comparison Mercury which is the closest planet to Sun is around 29 million miles from the sun. It also takes just 2 days to complete a full revolution around its host star.


The most amazing thing about this planet, however, is the fact that it rains glass on it. Being close to its star ensures that the wind speed on this planet is outrageous. It reaches speeds of more than 8000 km/h which results in molten glass raining sideways throughout the planet. Scientists were tricked into believing this might have Earth-like atmosphere given the color of the planet from far. On close inspection however it looks like humans won't even survive a second on this planet.

Freakin cool and scary at the same time. If you're aware of any such planets across our Universe, please share.

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