Solar Revolution

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[Текст на српском] Last week, Alex Cequea put up his animation at the YouTube channel of, on Solar energy. It shows a disruptive rise that can revolutionize life in a very short period of time.

Recent large drop of oil price could be assessed as an attempt of manipulation by the heaviest players in the energy market. But what if there is one much more important reason? A new way of energy production from the renewable and unlimited sources, that already have made a turmoil in Middle Eastern oil kingdoms…

The total meltdown of Mainstream Media (MSM) means that have ceased to inform people — instead, they are trying as hard as they can to hide information from the public, under the heavy influence of corporations. Therefore, two most important global revolutions — blockchain and solar — does not show up in MSM. You can find them only in alter media over the Internet. But they are coming nonetheless. Persistently and inexorably.

You, members of the Steemit platform, already are participants in a silent but forceful Blockchain revolution. And here you can see the speed of a coming Solar revolution:

Duration: 2:31




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