What is thinking.

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It is interesting that we very often use such phrases as I think or think, I need to think, my thoughts and so on ... And what exactly do we mean by this, what kind of process occurs during our thinking. Which leads to the emergence of our thoughts.

[Girl with a Book by José Ferraz de Almeida Júnior](By José Ferraz de Almeida Júnior - http://www.masp.art.br/masp2010/acervo_detalheobra.php?id=364, Public Domain, Link)

The very process of thinking, as we know is happening in our brain. First, our brain filled with information. Information sorted and identified. So it is more convenient to memorize and save. All information is a collection of simple units, or material objects. Otherwise, those who use non-real objects that do not exist are “fictional” are under the supervision of doctors, you understand what. I would also note that “fictional” are the same real objects, only spoiled. Information is corrupted or the method of reading information is not working correctly.
The first conclusion suggests itself. A person can operate only with real and whole objects. Why exactly the whole. Because there is no half an apple. No, of course we can divide the apples into two parts. But it will not be an apple, but a part or piece of an apple, which in other matters can also be a separate object or unit of information.

[Man thinking on a train journey](By Hell9 at English Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0, Link)

How does the process of thinking. Thinking is a method of sequential sorting through the options. Sooner or later a solution will be found. Learning to think is finding the shortest path. Remember how we learned to solve problems. Each time, the solutions were faster and faster. Because our way of sorting out the answers, every time I studied and found a simple and short way. And we did not have to go all the way from the beginning, but we could use an intermediate solution.
Search of various variants, means only two variants of the answer. Yes or no. We either choose or not. No other options. Even a simple search can find any solution. Moreover, the power of our brain allows us to do this and produce a huge number of operations at each moment. The fact is that if we go through all the options, then one of them will surely be true. It can be practically at the very beginning, and maybe at the very end, to which even the entire life span of a person is not enough.
Learn to think correctly to find the shortest solution of the possible options. Something like we are looking for a way out of the maze. Only instead of barriers we have objects, real things of the material world.

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