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RE: The Hetero-paternal Superfecundation : Twins From Different Fathers ?

in #science5 years ago

I didn't know anything about all of that, to be honest (and of course the story). Do you want to know what I thought first when you mentioned superfetation? Some Greek cheese... (@ruth-girl and @trumpman will know have a good reason to hate me ;) ).


I also knew these terms only a month back while i was studying the medicolegal aspects of marriage and pregnancy. It's use is mainly in those cases for sorting out disputed paternity, as a basis for divorce, inheritance claims etc..
And i didn't know some greek cheese 🧀 is called superfetation
😂😂. It must be the cheese made from milk of cows/buffaloes born by superfetation 😂.

It is more the 'feta' root that made me think about that. But more seriously, I really enjoyed your post. I learned many things from it :)

Your weird connotation made me think of feta wearing Superman's cape! :P

Super-feta? :D

Something like that :P

With olives then?

And some oregano and olive oil on top. Oh and tomatoes, cucumber and why not some green peppers and crunchy toast bites... Oh what the hell, let's make some choriatiki salad! :P

choriatiki? This I didn't know! But at the end (and after googling it), it looks like this is what is traditionally called (outside Greece) a Greek salad :D

Yeah, that's what the rest of the world knows as a Greek salad! We call it choriatiki, it means it's from the village - just don't ask how they came up with this name :P

Just shared this moment of Greek culture with my wife :)

How to hijack the comment section of a serious post, isn't it :D

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