What's even more mindboggling is that there are almost no ants compared to micro-organisms. Estimations of bacterial cells go for about 100 trillion in the gut of one human.

Wow! I did not know that. How long have you been studying ants?

I have been following some research for a while and I have been bothering my entomologist friends with questions for a long time (don't have a myrmecologist friend), but I just started making myself learn methodically.

It is quite mindboggling, yes. And the fact that we are just beginning to learn about their role in our bodies where they so easily outnumber our own cells.

Thank And yes, a very large number for sure. Considering the large number, it's even more intriguing to wonder how long their lifespans are, and how many calories they are collectively burning every second, etc.

That's pretty crazy to think about. Do you know if these statistics can ever be measured?

We will find out. :)

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