The role of water in nutrition

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Water is the essential basis of the structure of all living matter and all metabolic processes take place in water. The total amount of water in the body represents more than 50% of the total body weight, the human being receives a part of the water needed from outside through drinks and food and another part is synthesized from the combustion of macronutrients, proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Drinks provide us with a bit more than one liter of water, food with another liter and in the metabolization of nutrients about 300 cubic centimetres.

Water requirements are adequately maintained when consumed between two and three litres per day, assuming that renal function is normal and there's no dehydration due to digestive losses, vomiting, hot environment, fever, burns, etc....

An important final recommendation: the consumption of water in the elderly should be monitored, as having the "call of thirst" affected may result in dehydration.


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