What is cybersecurity?

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Technology and internet connectivity have changed the world and make us all vulnerable simply because we're connected to the World Wide Web. That which is safe today may not be so tomorrow.

How can we protect ourselves in this state of vulnerability?

The answer lies in cybersecurity. Computer security is the group of methods, techniques and tools that prevent the execution of unauthorized operations, what we call threats and which are aimed at damaging the confidentiality, authenticity, integrity, operability or accessibility of the data of a computer system.

Cybersecurity is the area of information technology that focuses on the protection of computer infrastructure and the binding information to that infrastructure. For this purpose, we have a series of standards, protocols, rules and laws that minimize the risks of possible threats that may arise on the network.


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I have studied forensic accounting and I can say that you absolutely right, in this technological age, our lives and livelihood are dependant upon technology and computer systems, ensuring their security is like ensuring the security of your life.

You really do have to educate yourself about cybersecurity in order to be successful today.