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RE: Homeopathy: Just water?

in #science4 years ago (edited)

I did spend some time studying this.. Good news! In my opinion at least: there is good evidence to investigate this further. Relax! It is an investigation not a absolute truth.

It takes a bit of practice but it is very liberating to work in probabilities. That is after all, a good way to discover something new. I encourage everyone to keep an open mind and find it in your conscience to be kind and supportive to those investigating science like this.


Do you have some evidence you can share with us?

What do you estimate as the probability that homeopathy is useful and practical as medicine?

There are a lot of cool videos on youtube, check out "water memory". Some experiments use viruses and allergens. Of course we don't like viruses and allergens but those are interesting for the studies they tend to stand out. It is one of those things that takes time and skill to be open and gather enough info to see the bigger idea. Well worth it though, truly an interesting way to spend a weekend.