David Wolfe: Lunatic Plagiarist Clown

in science •  2 years ago

Let me preface this critique by saying there is a measure of validity to natural foods, alternative medicine, and nutritional therapy warranting further investigation, and I support the right of individuals to pursue health according to their own principles. That said, David "Avocado" Wolfe is a complete and total fraud. If you take anything he says seriously, you're an idiot.

You may have seen viral videos on Facebook or elsewhere showing some cool concept and ending with his logo. Invariably, a little research will show he edited down someone else's video to sensationalize and shorten the original presentation, which often made a dubious claim in the first place or merely showed a CGI imagining of an experimental technology still in development.

However, his extreme bullshit has incredible humor value if you can avoid mistaking it for anything else. Hilarity ensues:

I'd say, "You can't make this shit up," but he and others like him do make this up regularly, and people keep falling for it.

Salt does not need to prevent the oceans from levitating in the first place. Superfoods are not a thing. There is ample evidence supporting a spheroid Earth, and the evidence cited by Flat-Earthers does not hold up to scrutiny. Gravity is not a toxin, just a property of matter still being investigated by physicists. There is no evidence for an extraterrestrial source of mushrooms, and fungi do not have anti-gravitational properties.

Beware the guru. Remember the burden of proof falls on the one making the positive claim, and extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. "Common knowledge" and established beliefs should always be open to challenges, but that does not mean new age quackery has any validity.

More fun at Avocado Boy's expense here


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I have family that share his views and because of this I have been deemed as not allowed to communicate with them because it always ends in them getting mad and calling me a sheeple (yes, a sheeple, not a sheep but sheeple)


It's like when a patriotic American responds to my criticisms of the US government by saying, "Move to Somalia then, traitor!"

This guy is a complete nutjob. Unfortunately loads of people don't have any understanding of nutrition at all. He is fearmongering and earns a shitload of money from those people selling expensive crap.


I suspect you need to be reasonably smart to manage that kind of scam that well though.

The salt holds it on. Madness, genius in an amusing way!!


If you take everything he says with a suitable grain of salt, you will soon not be able to even jump in the at all by his logic. And then you will die of excess salt consumption.

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Oh wow. I just followed ones of the links. I've seen this guy and figured he was legit. Thanks for posting this. Very eye opening.


He's legitimately a scoundrel.