Himal-Health-Contest | Contest #4 RESULTS !!!

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4th episode of Himal-Health-Contest is now over and we are here for the results. If you do not know about the contest yet, you can check it here- Himal-Health-Contest 4 , the topic for the last contest was vaccines and vaccinations.

I would like to thank @steemstem for supporting this contest and also all the participants for bringing great contents

The winners!!!

1st place - @singhtheripper

For the post -- VACCINES - The magic of the 21st Century

This post was a joy to read and was very informative too, looking forward to your future posts :) .

2nd place - @ruth-girl

For the post -- Acquired Immunity And Vaccines - A Lesson Plan For Biology Class

This post is unique and creative, focuses on how a teacher should teach their students about vaccines. looking forward to your future posts :)

3rd place - @trumpman

For the post -- Researchers Develop Vaccine For Heroin Addiction
A short and sweet post on new ongoing research on Vaccines for Drug Addiction, looking forward to your future posts :)

Honorable Mention

This post would be incomplete without mentioning the post by @khatisam -- "Game Changing vaccine" - HIV vaccine trial launched by the South Africa ! , it could not enter the competition because of late entry , but it was a great read on the largest and most advance vaccine trial on HIV by south africa, it will be a revolutionary achievement if this trail succeeds. I am personally looking forward to your future posts :).


Stay Happy-Stay Healthy!

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Thanks sir ! You contest are great . Even though you didn't mention for awarding the mentioners, you awarded me , and I felt happy from within. Hope to see more contest from you . Keep up a good work !
Thanks again sir !
With regards,

Thank you too for your entry, that was really nice, hope to see more from you :).

Congrats too all winners! :)

Congratulations to the winners!!!!!!


Second place!!! Thank you @himal!!! Congratulations guys!!

We're waiting for your next contest! :)

Thank you too for your great post !

you were the first to lose

hahahaha! see, I was better than you at losing! :P

@himal Intriguing put up - many thanks . Have to be terrifying to own this issue. Resteemed.

@himal This demands somewhat more time and energy to Consider in excess of. Wonderful you provide it from a unique angle. Mhhh not really easy... and it had been previously Very hard. Many thanks for allow us to Consider.

@himal This desires somewhat more time and energy to Assume about. Pleasant you provide it from a unique angle. Mhhh not really easy... and it absolutely was by now Quite challenging. Many thanks for let's Assume.

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