There is no suggestion but to tell people to take more good care of themselves. The changes on the fingerprint are as a result of wear and tear due to age and use. It is not a significant change per se, just some slight difference. How are you? I have been offline since today due to the poor network from my internet service providers. But I'm happy to be back.

Thanx... Check my funny post today.. :) btw my father in law fingerprint is problematic everytime... It really drastically changes n doesn't gets authentified.. I think this is drawback of fingerprint technology.

That may be as a result of oil, dirt, or wet on fingers/scanner surface. Some may due to wear too, the ridges and valleys may no longer be as prominent as they used to, giving the scanner a harder time to make a match. I will check your post now.

Haha oil or dirt😋😂

Yeah, they are the usual suspect when this happens. It somehow makes it hard for the scanner to get a good digital image of the fingerprint. A dry clean hand works best. Other times it may just be the fingers have worn so much with use/age that it is not as it was before.

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