The work at Sterkfontein begins

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In 1936 Dr. Broom headed off to a cave that he had been told about by his students. The cave had been discovered during blasting for a limestone quarry on the farm Sterkfontein.

Sterkfontein caves and the caves in its surrounding areas would become world famous in origins circles over the next century. They would and still continue to produce huge treasures of immense significance but in these early days nobody could know the worth and number of origins secrets that lay fossilized for millions of years in these ancient caverns and fossilized bone beds.

img source

Some of the first material to emerge was baboon and saber tooth cat skulls.

img source

img source

A week later when Dr. Broom returned he was handed half a fossilized brain cast that had been blasted out that morning. After more work they located the rest and pieced it together over the next couple of weeks.

This would be nicknamed Mrs Ples.

The light sunken sections shows the areas that were damaged in the blasting. It was filled with plaster to enable the fossil skull to be reconstructed as best as possible.

img source

A commemorative bust of Dr. Robert broom holding Mrs Ples at the exit to the Sterkfontein caves.

img source

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The first picture resembles with this picture which click in Wake field cave . These are Lampen flora .


Nice shot there!!!
It does look a lot like the first shot, is that a cage you are taking the shot through ?

hey, is this wakefield cave in the UK? If so would you mind sharing where? Wakefield is just north of me, I tend to cave in the Peak District but have the Yorkshire Dales in my sights this summer :) P.S Sorry if you have no idea what I am talking about!

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I like scientific news or info as I'm a student of Physics, thanks for sharing!

This is awesome.
That the problem with ignorance of the early years.
These fossilized materials now are very treasurable in terms of monetary value and for aesthetics purposes.
Great post @gavvet

That is wonderful @gavvet

it's exciting to see them. thanks for sharing

wow. looking extraordinary & great story. thanks for sharing

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Really it s a great site..

I love reading about trail blazers in each field of study. I can only imagine the emotions at play at the discovery of these fossils.

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it is significance fossilized, thanks for share this

Nice Picture of the caves. Thanks for showing us

thanks for sharing

Thanks, my friend, I did not have much idea about this, and your posts are always great

These fozzils help in modern study of classification of animals, but what did Dr broom do next after all this? Please i would love to know. Perhaps i cpuld read ot up somewhere any clues?

These fozzils help in modern study of classification of animals, but what did Dr broom do next after all this? Please i would love to know. Perhaps i cpuld read ot up somewhere any clues?

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Keep on the good work
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Since i have some interests in knowing such matters and i post about caves and other places from my country thus i must say @gavvet it’s one of my favorite posts i saw on steemit thank u and keep sharing such contents

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It's so exciting to find and study ancient remains. As a child, I dreamed of becoming an archaeologist. Archeology for me is the personification of adventures, knowledge and mysterious discoveries. As the times I went during summer holidays with a group of guys in archaeological approach. There for a month we lived in tents and conducted excavations. We found a lot of interesting things: birch bark letters of ancient Slavs, dishes, jewelry, household items. This is a very valuable experience for life. unfortunately, I didn't become an archaeologist. But the memories of that trip are forever in my heart.

Great post

You continuously write Dr. Broom's evolution history. Its more educative and deserve to history finders. Thanks for sharing.

Your article is rich with information. Thanks for the enlightenment.


Must be a scary cave
Hes so strong to even go there

that is wonderful.. thank you for shareing i like your post
best of luck...

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Caves are so mysterious. Thank you for sharing <3 👍👍👍 @gavvet

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Wonderful post thanks for sharing

In my city , there are many caves and its amazing that people still live there , I will share there pictures

I definitely know more about Dr.Broom than I did a week ago.

a very interesting post with a million information in it we can know the contents in the cave you post it thank you

This is awesome @gavvet!

Hello, I have similary photos from "Ochtinská Aragonitová Cave" and "Domica Cave" from Slovakia. I studied geology, and I really love rocks, it's beautiful!

Fascinating stuff! I explore a lot of the UK cave systems, but so far have only found sheep skulls and skeletons, nothing quite as amazing as saber tooth tiger teeth!

nice place

In the area i live, many caves that haven't gotten the human touch

Would you spend the night in that cave?

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