Scientific flash - N° 1 - ¿¿Geochemistry?? - ¿what on earth is that?

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Hello fellas ;) <3!

I hope you are all doing well! :D.

Today I bring you a scientific post focused on my work field and expertise ... Geochemistry, one of my greatest passions <3.

So... ¿Why write a post to define this science?...

Well, to me is a simple answer, because geochemistry is spectacular and beautiful <3 <3 (there's pure love xD), but there is also another reason, and is related to the fact that many people are unaware of the existence of this science.

Even though everyone knows a little bit about math, biology, chemistry and physics, we can't say that we have heard or studied something about geochemistry (My heart is in pain for this, T.T).

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During my college days I could see that many people didn't know about this career and when they asked me What are you studying?... and the answer was "Geochemistry", their first reaction was to wrinkle face and then say What on earth is that? XD

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Well, today I'm going to try to answer this question to all those people who don't know about this beautiful science.

Let's start with the word Geochemistry, Where geo it means earth, therefore, in simple terms, Geochemistry is the study of chemistry of the earth (beautiful, right?)

So, by way of Geochemistry studies the chemistry elements present in earth, their abundance, distribution and mobilization.

The chemical elements are able to interact with each other to form various chemical compounds, they can also be found in nature in different states (solid, liquid and gaseous), and their behavior depends on the environmental conditions that surround them and their properties (physical and chemical).

Bearing this in mind, we can understand that depending on the properties and the environment where the elements and chemical compounds are located, they can be mobilized or not and they could have a specific characteristic and abundance, which will be different for each natural system of study.

Now it gets more interesting xD, because we wonder where and how we can found all these elements and chemical compounds in our planet...

Basically, they are in everything that surrounds us, in the floor through which we walk, in the air we breathe and exhale, in the water that hydrates us, in the foods that nourish us, etc. For example, they are in a solid state such as minerals, rocks and sediments (lithosphere), in soils (pedosphere), as part of plants, trees and animals (biosphere), in a gaseous state (atmosphere), and in solution, dissolved in rivers, seas, etc (hydrosphere).

At this point I think we can see the greatness and beauty of this science, which isn't only limited to studying the earth, because our beautiful blue planet had its origin in the solar system, which is embedded in a galaxy and This galaxy is part of the universe ... Our universe.

Personally, from my heart, Geochemistry is the science that studies and tries to respond to the chemical behavior of our universe !, that is, to everything. Maybe my perspective is exaggerated, but as the crowd says "love is blind";) ...

To conclude, we can define geochemistry as an interdisciplinary science that uses chemistry and geology to study the distribution, migration and transport of chemical elements present in the different geospheres of the earth (lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, pedosphere and biosphere), as well as the universe. (Beautiful <3).

Well guys this is all for this post, I hope you liked it and above all I hope you could get even a small fraction of the great love that I feel for this science, and that you could see (at least just for a fleeting moment) all the brightness and beauty of geochemistry.

You can ask me any questions about this study field, with great pleasure I'll answer it.


PS: I hope to continue publishing more information on geochemistry and other scientific fields :)

I say goodbye as the same way that I've done it before, with a quote.

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars" - Oscar Wilde - (My favorite writer <3)

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