Geopolis - The community for global sciences - Update #4

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Update summary

Increased base vote: Since the last new lease of steempower, our base vote has increased from 0.05 SBD to 0.13 SBD. This means that Geopolis can give rewards up to 0.63 SBD by itself, additional rewards from vote following will increase your total reward even further.
Stricter voting requirements: We understand that voting bots are usefull for boosting you posts, but when you get a total reward larger than 5 SBD from voting bots, we will no longer upvote your post. This was requested by the community and will increase rewards going to the people that do not solely write for profit.

What is Geopolis?

Geopolis is a community effort to encourage authors who write in the fields of global sciences. New posts will be filtered on certain tags (see below) and given an upvote if deemed worthy. Besides a way to promote quality content, is Geopolis a place where people with the same interests can connect on Steemit and Discord.

What posts will be upvoted?

Currently posts are filtered on the tags "geography", "geology", "anthropology", "ecology", "archeology" and certain branches of "history" but more subjects might be added to this list. Posts do not have to be solely scientific but must at least comply with the following requirements:

  • Written in proper English
  • Be original content
  • Actually have decent content
  • Sources cited and images credited when necessary
  • Well-formatted
  • Well-researched if necessary
  • No more than 5 SBD rewarded from voting bots

What does Geopolis offer?

  • Geopolis offers upvotes and resteems for quality posts in the above mentioned fields. The size of the upvote depends on the membership in the community (see below). There is no limit on the amount of posts that can be supported, If your posts is well thought out and of good quality, it deserves the support.
  • A daily post (Daily Field Notes) containing one selected post of the day for each scientific field covered by Geopolis allows you to read a quality selection of posts.
  • A curation trail on SteemAuto allows you to follow Geopolis and be the first to support quality posts on global sciences. To set up an account is fairly simple. Then go to and find @geopolis in the list of curation trails.
  • The community on Discord allows you to connect with other Geopolitans and interact with the project.


By default, any account posting in the categories mentioned above are able to receive an upvote worth 1/2 of a base vote. Base votes are currently worth 0.13 SBD and are expected to rise whit future delegations. When an author is a member of the Geopolis community it will receive bonuses according to their membership.

Thanks to our vote followers and curation trail, additional upvotes worth up to 1,5$ will be given to authors.

  Advantages How to become one
Member Upvote worth 3x base vote

A one time fee of 1 steem/SBD

Transfer the membership fee to @geopolis and ask a moderator on discord for confirmation

Member+ Upvote worth 4x base vote

Be a member and upvote at least 5 posts written by Geopolis (Daily Field Notes)

Helper Upvote worth 5x base vote

Be already a member(+)

Delegate 50SP to Geopolis

Hero Upvote worth 5x base vote and posts get resteemed

Be already a member(+)

Delegate 100SP to Geopolis

Each week upvotes of members will be assessed to determine who enters the member+ category. This is currently done on Fridays. A very useful tool to automatically upvote posts written by Geopolis is steemvoter.


The project tries to be as transparent as possible. For any questions you can reach out to the discord channel.

The initiative and actual selection of posts is done by me, @samve. For sake of convenience I will never upvote my own posts, but since I put effort in writing as well, please give my blog a look and follow me if you would like what you see 😉.

Upvoting and resteeming posts of Geopolis allows us to grow which will results in larger upvotes flowing back to the people creating quality posts = you. All rewards from posts by Geopolis will be used by the community to grow.

Join us on Discord HERE


Does qurator/steembasicincome or other permanent upvotes count as upvote bots?

Good question! But no, only the "pay for vote" bots are taken into account. I will edit this into the update.

I will love to follow you any where you are. I love writing unusual stuffs.

Stricter voting requirements: We understand that voting bots are usefull for boosting you posts, but when you get a total reward larger than 5 SBD from voting bots, we will no longer upvote your post. This was requested by the community and will increase rewards going to the people that do not solely write for profit.

This is great! Voting bots are getting out of hand these days, so I'm glad to see that this project is not upvoting the ones who use these.

Anyway, I have wanted to join your group, but I don't use Discord. Would it be possible to get a moderator to confirm my account here on Steemit instead of Discord? If so, then I would very much like to pay 1 Steem and join :)

Best regards from @valth

Awesome! yeah sure that would be me. I can confirm here on Steemit as well 😉

Great! Your transaction is confirmed and you are now a member!

That's great! Thanks :D I have one more question by the way; do you have any requirements for vote weight to get to Member+? I was thinking about adding @geopolis to my autovoter, but a daily post with 100 % upvote would be a bit too draining on my voting power. So I was thinking about 25 %, which would still upvote around $0.20 per vote. Would I still quality for Member+? :)

There is no real requirement for the amount of vote weight, as long as it does not drop below 0.01 (unless that is a 100% upvote)

Alright, that's good to know. I've added @geopolis to my autovoter now then :) I'm looking forward to being a member here! And thanks for answering my questions, @samve :)

No problem! Thanks for helping the project to grow and we're looking forward to read from you 👍

How do I get to ask the moderator to confirm the transaction??
I'm saying this because I want to be a member.

Hello! You can join our discord chat by following this link "" and ask me there, or you can always ask here in the comments and then I can confirm as well

I just transferred the amount to @geopolis please confirm.

hey @eghe21! You are now registered as a member!

I would like to join but am not part of discord. May I do that, and if so, how? Thanks. I write about a lot of different subjects, but history and science are among my favorite.

hey @agmoore, You can simply transfer the membership fee and I will confirm here in the comments

OK. I've done it! Look forward to exploring many ideas that fit into the @geopolis subject areas.

Great! It is confirmed and you are now a member! I'm looking forward to read about it as well

I recently made two posts, one tagged 'ecology' and one tagged 'geopolis'. The first post was about migrant workers and discussed the effect of climate change on migrant workers. The second was about biofilms, their existence and influence in nature, and in human disease. I note that geopolis did not upvote either post. I'm wondering if you can tell me how these posts failed to meet geopolis standards, so I can craft future posts to meet those standards. I do regularly support other members of the geopolis community.
I appreciate your feedback and the mission of geopolis.

I indeed recall those post, but now I cant find them on your blog? If I remembered correctly they were both well written, but the one about biofilms was rather biological than ecological, and therefor didn't got upvoted. And I do believe the post about migrant workers got upvoted. You should check if geopolis upvoted it, sometimes, when there is a bad connection to a node, the comment does not get posted.

Thank you for your response. You're the expert. I was just wondering. As you can see by looking at the posts referenced here, the article on migrant workers was not upvoted. But that's OK. You are the final arbiter and I just was looking for guidance, so I know how to proceed in the future if I want my blogs to be acknowledged by @geopolis. I appreciate the information.

No problem! Last week there were some problems with the program that helps me curate. I believe I upvoted the one about the migrant workers, but something must have gone wrong. If you ever have any doubts, or when you thought something should have been upvoted, feel free to contact me 😉