First Images Of A Supermassive Black Hole To Be Revealed Today!

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For years we've heard and seen representation of a black hole in the movies or documentaries etc. But today scientists hope to reveal the first directly captured image of a black hole. So far we've seen many illustrations of black holes but when this event takes place it will be the first time we'd be doing this ever.

From the time of Galileo when the earth was considered to be at the centre with the sun and other planets revolving around it to now attempting to capture a massive black hole, astronomy, and astrophysics have come a long way indeed.



This planet-sized observatory is necessary because, as the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory explains in the below animation, while Sagittarius A is 4 million times as massive as our sun, it's still really far away -- a distance of about 26,000
light years.

They are trying to capture this with the Event Horizon Telescope and you will find more information about it in the video below. If you are keen on reading more about the event today then I just you check this link while the information on the telescope is here.

To watch the live video you can tune in at 6.30PM IST or 1PM UTC at the following YT live stream links.

I think understanding more about black holes could potentially change the way we've looked at the world. I'm so curious to see know what scientists will eventually learn about this phenomena present in our universe our my lifetime.

Here's another link that I found for the live-stream. Let's hope that today will be the day they reveal how it looks.

@liberosist has an interesting post on the subject here authored some 3 years ago on Steemit.

This is an incredible moment in our history and I wonder how it will shape our science and tech in the years to come.


This is the image as released by National Science Foundation today

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 7.36.32 PM.png

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Thought the picture would be way cooler lol

A girl once told me, "your heart is like a black hole. All emotions go there to die."

Finally I'll be seeing a picture of something that is supposed to resemble my heart lol.


Nice one! LOL


Actually you wont... You'll see the outter shell of your being )


bahahahaha good one!

I'm so glad I watched that stream

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Wow what exciting days^^
Today the first images of a supermassive black hole ever taken.
Tomorrow Israel's lander Beresheet should landing on the moon!
What will happen the day after tomorrow?

I could make these images in Photo Shop. And I don't even know how to use Photo Shop properly.

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Describing blackholes is very difficult. Because some scientific species may not be defining completely. Moreover there are many things that have not known or seen yet about the same issue. I think one of the longest studies in science history will contain blackholes.

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I am so excited! It's less than an hour from now!

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me too! Can't wait to see the live stream now! :D

Universe is Still a Mystery..It revive my memory of Physics Class.
I found something interesting over internet.
Black Hole Image.PNG
it is an TED talk Katie Bouman Talk about How to Take the Picture of Block Hole... you can Watch on Youtube


Higher Resolution>

This is the full picture of the black hole sucking everything on its path.

Truly amazing, perhaps we should call April 10th Black Hole Day.


Not a bad idea. I'm excited to see outcome of their learnings from this point onwards in the next 5-10 years.


I posted about making April 1oth Black Hole Day. See what kind of replies I get out of my ~250 followers. Resteemed your post BTW and linked it in mine!

You're upping the drama to new levels! Have a DRAMA.

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That was unbelievable

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Thanks for the article, I was astounded when I first read the new, and as many others just remembered Interstellar, the movie.