A glimpse into the future of mankind: The pinnacle of the good and the bad

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After so many years of evolution, humankind has seen so many growths in this century that one might pause and ask himself "what next."
In the beginning, mankind used its legs as a major means of transportation from one place to another, this later evolved to the use of domesticated animals like Camels, Horses, Donkeys and so many others.

After that transportation evolved to the creation of carts and chariots, this evolved later with the advent of the steem engine and some other inventions. When the Wright brothers invented or perfected flight, little did we know that the invention was going to change the face of the word. From commercial airliners, private jets, fighter planes, Concords which gets to its location in half the time and even to space shuttles which ferries people out of Earth.

In this century, we are into the era of self driving vehicles with companies already predicting the future of driverless vehicles as the major means of transportation reducing accident rates to a zero and saving lives. Also,we now have automated travels by air using "air taxis" which do not require a human pilot. Does this mean that very soon, we will be anticipating instantaneous travel from point A to point B. This means that a future where accidents will become a thing of the past is already here.



There was a time when if a message was to be delivered from one person to another, a messenger will have to carry the message and this usually takes time and in some cases, the message might take weeks if not months before it would be delivered.
Some wars might have been won if the crucial or decisive information had been delivered when it was needed the most. Mankind has always searched for ways to make a communication faster since time immemorial and then Alexander Bell entered.

The post office was born and a lot of people no longer had to wait for that long to receive information and this was followed shortly by the printing press which made life even easier for everyone to get information even faster.
When the telephone was invented, communication became faster. People could relate information faster than before and communication got a whole lot better.

The birth of the telephone didn't even stop there, smartphones were launched and this made the internet a place to be. The smart devices keep getting smarter with the uses exceeding more than just communication between humans. Now, we can use our smart devices to link other things around us to perform other tasks. Recently, communication does not stop at smart phones, there are bracelets which can be used for communication.



The field of medicine has seen tremendous growth since the time of Alexander Fleming till this point. There was a time when sepsis was the major cause of post operative deaths in the past until people realized that they needed to disinfect the tools needed for operation and sanitize their hands.
Medicine is at the point where people don't just die of diseases that were once thought as incurable.

During the plague, a lot of people died because of something that is now avoidable and this is as a result of advancement in medicine and science.
It is estimated that in the next thirty to seventy years, diseases like cancer and so many others, once thought to be incurable, will be a thing of the past.

Research has gone into things such as the reverse ageing and the immortality process in general and progress is being made. Very soon, the average life expectancy will be increased from about fifty years to double that amount.


General science and technology

Advancements in technology in recent times cannot be underestimated with things which were once seen in the movies coming into existence.
The field of bionics, artificial intelligence, robotics and so many others have experienced a vast growth explosion. The emergence of satellites have made exploration of planet Earth and general space exploration a thing of joy.

People can now interact with smart devices using voice commands and general gestures to operate such devices and artificial intelligence has reduced the errors associated with humans when performing tasks.
The downsides to all these things is that we begin to rely less on human functions and more on machines. At the end of the day, we were made to realize that unused/undeveloped organs degenarate and this might become the case with a fully automated future.

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These advances are very intelligent, but in turn generate many questions in me. Every day we connect more with people in virtual environments, and that makes us leave the reality quite relegated, on the other hand, the increase in the average of life, together with the increase of the population raises that our growth is exponential, and probably will bring problems Retirement ages will have to rise, it is impossible to maintain such a society.

Good publication, greetings!

Still on transportation, a future is being created. To ease the countless vehicles hooting and beeping all over the ever reducing road sizes, the tunnels.

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