Scientific Proof that To The Moon Caused BitCoin Crash!

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I have combined research papers to bring you this shocking discovery!


This morning while reviewing my Twitter feed, I noticed that Einsteinium Found HQ (aka, the people behind Einsteinium ) had reTweeted a Tweet from @edje. The article was written on, but was originally a STEEMit article.

Being that Einsteinium, a foundation named after one of the most brilliant minds of mankind, Albert Einstein, is always on the look out for brilliant articles, I decided to give it a read. Since, Einsteinium uses their coin to fun research, there must be some scientific validity to the article. Being a man of logic, this intrigued me and I read the article.

In @edje article, he explains that when a coin reaches To The Moon status, then it will replace the Moon with an unstable coin that can not support the gravitational pull of the Earth, leading to the new anti-Moon coin to plummet back to zero.

Now the anti-moon is gone as well, there is no gravitational field left anymore, meaning STEEM can flow in any direction it wants. But, due to the absence of any force that can pull STEEM, STEEM will stay stable where it is, meaning we will have a currency without value.

This was a very interesting and concerning theory bought up by @edje and at first I scoffed at the idea and told him that he just didn't figure in the To The Moon calculations correctly. So, I pointed him to my article.

In my research, I discovered that one can calculate To The Moon for any cryptocurrency with a basic formula.
(Max Number of Coins / BitCoin Max Number of Coins) / (1 sAU * .01) = To The Moon

I had calculated that BitCoin(BTC) had probably reach To The Moon status at $15,000. Of course, now we are looking at BitCoin at half that amount.

@edje pointed out that BitCoin had already reached the Moon and fell back, which I agreed. Then I came upon the revelation that by taking my research and combining it with @edje's research, we had discovered the reason for BitCoin's fall and why it increased to $20,000 before falling.

Since the velocity of BitCoin reaching To The Moon would not stop exactly at the Moon, it was pushed another .003 sAU (.003 being the magical BTC start number) away from the Earth, before the gravitational pull of the Earth returned it back. As stated by @edje, eventually the lack of stability of the coin would cause the replacement of the Moon to pull all anti-moon objects back towards the Earth.

BitCoin could not break the anti-Moon barrier in it's unstable state and therefor, while it looked like it could continue to move towards To The Sun status, the pull of reality and gravity was too much for it and it had to pull back to the Earth.

Hopefully, the next attempt at To The Moon status for BitCoin will be done with the coin is more stable and not cause an anti-Moon pull back to Earth and therefor a disappointing BROKE status.

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what you said...
That would explain everything...
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yup..that's nailed it..

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It's logical.

certainly is.
no way could I argue about that.

I will have to add this on my wall, next to the correlation between the number of pirates and the global warming :)

Damn global warming causing pirates.

But, you have to admit, the theories add up or in the case of BitCoin, down.

:D I just had to upvote your article. When you are right, you are right!