The most significant scientific breakthroughs of 2016 - final part

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It is rumored that 2016 would have been, if not the worst year in history, clearly at the forefront of this point of view. However, look on the bright side: 2016 was a good year for cinema and science.

The most significant scientific breakthroughs 2016 – Levitation by sound waves

Researchers have successfully managed to levitate a ball of polystyrene using only sound waves. The original element - this is one of the biggest areas that experts have managed to do only with the power of sound to float, with 50 millimeters. Acoustic levitation principle used to keep stationary sound waves, which are limited by reflectors so that it can disperse into the air and are locked in place, negating the effect of gravity.


Normally, the object must be smaller than the acoustic wavelength. The traditional technique involves catching object node pressure - the pressure point standing wave does not change at all - so the standing wave under the object to function like a ping pong paddle, throwing up constantly the object. It was the first time acoustic levitation was made with a sphere 3.6 times greater than the wavelength acoustic, with a mass of about 1.5 grams.

Plus, Precisely controlled levitation of nanodiamonds could bring advances in sensors and quantum information processing.

Check this video for a ‘smooth’ understanding

Related to this, Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars uses "force" to manipulate objects. If you are one of those people who are emotionally attached to the point of movies that try to reproduce reality, you probably have tried to move objects with mind power.
Acoustic levitation is a method by which matter is suspended in air at an average height using acoustic radiation pressure generated by intense. sound waves.
Researchers hope that the inventions allow people to handle hazardous materials or simply very fragile, without touching them.

The most significant scientific breakthroughs 2016 - SpaceX and Blue Origin success


After several attempts, some more successful than others, SpaceX and Blue Origin private companies have confirmed that humanity has a future in space. In April, Blue Origin, the company headed by CEO Amazon - Jeff Bezos became proud of the performance achieved with New Shepard rocket. After last year's performance reached for the first time to launch and land a reusable rocket, the same missile was launched and land again in 2016. In total, there were three such attempts, and those from Blue Origin can be proud of that, every time, there were successes.

Blue Origin was the first private company that can boast of this success, but was followed closely by SpaceX. Just a few days away, Elon Musk's company managed to place a missile on a floating platform. As wrote those from TechCrunch, this was the fifth attempt of Americans, given that all the other soldaseră failures. Recovered rocket ship that bears the name "Of course I still love you".


Stem cells can return the walk again of those who have suffered strokes


A clinical trial conducted at Stanford University involved injecting stem cells directly altered in the brains of patients who had had strokes. The procedures have been successful, with no adverse effects, except for headache weak. The 18 patients regained partial mobility, and those who were immobilized in wheelchairs were able to walk again. The entire study can be read here.

The most significant scientific breakthroughs 2016 - A possible method of treating HIV

By editing method CRISPR / Cas9, researchers can crop a faulty sequence of a gene, replacing it with a healthy sequence. Earlier this year, experts have shown that this technique has great potential in treating HIV. Researchers at Temple University of the DNA able to remove HIV-1 in T cells from cultured human cells grown in the laboratory. It went out and the prevention of reinfection. Kamel Khalili, the main researcher, believes that the system is very efficient and that the experiment demonstrates. Of course, there are many steps to take to determine that the technique can combat, indeed HIV site. The results were published in the journal Scientific Reports. but you can read more from a steemian @nelu.ceban here Revolutionary Treatment For Cancer Tested on Humans

Researchers have developed an effective vaccine against Ebola

Ebola is a severe viral infectious disease, often fatal, caused by the virus of the same name, which is manifested by severe bleeding disorders, occurring in outbreaks in Central Africa and West Africa. Ebola has a lethality rate of up to 90% in humans and was the last major epidemic that broke out in Africa in 2014 and which led to the deaths of about 9,000 people.


However, it seems that researchers have managed to create a safe and highly effective vaccine against the disease, following successful trials conducted in countries such as Guinea and Sierra Leone. You can read more about the vaccine here. but also from a steemian @melania here New Ebola Vaccine Created, Tested To Have 100 Percent Effectiveness Rating

These are in my opinion the most important discoveries in the last year! Hope we will have a flourishing Year in 2017!

Happy Holidays !

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