Craziest things you can buy online

in science •  2 years ago


I was scrolling around online and looking for cool things to buy online and couldn't believe some of the stuff I found.

Here's a list of the craziest stuff you can buy direct from China.

  1. Live bacterial cultures.
    I was amazed to find I could buy these amazing slides for under 100$ Canadian. I have no idea how safe these organisms are but E. coli and Staphylococcus can't be all that safe to expose yourself to.

Here's a list of bacteria and a link to buy them.

Rhizopus nigricans W.M.
2 Yeast w.m
3 Penicillium W.M.
4 Aspergillus W.M.
5 Bacteria 3types smear
6 Staphylococcus smear
7 Human mouth bacteria
8 Escherichia coli smear
9 Bacillus subtilis smear(show spore)
10 actinomycete w.m
11 Bread mold,show hypha sporeW.M.
12 Aspergillus,show hypha sporeW.M.
13 Rhizopus stolonifer W.M.
14 Staphylococcus aureus
15 Tetrads smear
16 Sarcina smear
17 Proteus bacilus smear show flagella
18 Bacteria in yoghourt smear
19 Bac.Thuringiensis smear
20 Acetobacter aceti smear
21 Bacterium erysipelatos
22 Pasteurella maltocida smear
23 Staphylococcus epidermis smear
24 septate hypha smear
25 nonseptate hypha smear
26 Azotobacter chroococcum(show capsule)smear
27 Large spore bacilli smear
28 Proteus bacilus smear show flagella
29 Large conidiophore
30 Small conidiophore
31 Streptococcus di-pneumoniae smear
32 Gonorrhea di-pneumoniae smear
33 Salmonella typhi smear(show flagella)
34 Corynebacterium diphtheriae smear
35 Yellow micrococcus smear
36 Mycobacterium tuberculosis smear
37 Pseudomonas aeruginosa smear
38 Bordetetella pertrussis smear
39 Aerobacter smear(show capsule)
40 Clostridium tetani smear show spore
41 Bacillus anthracis smear
42 Rat plague bacilli smear
43 Hamulus of leptospira smear
44 Candida albicans smear
45 Nei-sseria meningitidis smear
46 Neisseria gonorrhoeae smear
47 Brucella spp
48 Comma bacillus
49 Helicobacter pylori,smear
50 Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Brand :HYEDU
Item : Microbiology fixed 50 kinds bacteria microscope prepared slides set

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