Scientists Discover a Highly Nutritious Milk from Cockroaches

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Hate it or love it, cockroaches are those weird creepy crawlies that have come to share our homes with us. Their choice place of abode are those hidden, dark and dank places.

Going by the way some countries are stockpiling their nuclear weapons, cockroaches may be that organism that will soon inhabit the earth owing to its ability to withstand up to 2000 times the amount of radiation that humans could survive.

Some fried insect from a Cambodia market , from Pixabay CC0 Licenced

The self-healing DNA of the roaches plays a role in the process; it heals any damaged DNA which occurs as a result of radiation.

People have been known to have a severe phobia for cockroaches. The phobia is known as Katsaridaphobia. A teacher in this article is reported to have quit her job as a result of her students shouting the word, "cockroach" which cause her great fear and distress. Even though there are 4500 species of cockroaches, only less than 1% (30) of it are taken to be pests.

The cockroach is one hardy animal. It is the definition of hard to kill as it can survive headless for weeks. Their circulatory system is one that requires less pressure, so even when they lose their heads, they manage to breathe through tiny holes in their body.

But this article is not here to solely look into their hardy nature, but to look at some good cockroaches may do to humanity. Yes, you read that word (good) right.

A Lucrative Bug

A Chinese firm already made $684 million (4.3 billion yuan) through sales of medicinal potion. The Gooddoctor Pharmaceutical Group of Chengdu, Sichuan is the name of the pharmaceutical firm that had, through the use of AI that monitors everything from genetic mutation, environment and tracks their food consumption and maturity date, enabled them to grow and harvest up to 6 billion cockroaches in a year.

The potion they make is said to cure a lot of ailments ranging from gastric problems to respiratory illnesses. Though the claims are unverified and some believe the drugs are "mostly cockroaches". If you are not the squeamish type, you can click on this link and enjoy the view of a giant cockroach farm and people eating cockroaches in China.

Got Milk?

But there is more verifiable news of the usefulness of the cockroach out there, a team of scientists did further research on an interesting phenomenon amongst cockroaches in 2016. The researchers were from different countries namely the USA, Japan, India, Canada, and France. The research was on the analysis of the cockroach's pale yellow crystalline milk. The findings, published in this journal shows that the milk is in line with one of the most nutritious food on Earth. The milk was so good it overtook the buffalo milk, the milk known for it's higher calorie and protein- packing contents than the cow's milk.

Some Roach Affair

There are three species of cockroaches based on their reproduction. They are the oviparous, the ovoviviparous, and the viviparous.

The oviparous lays eggs and the young hatch outside of their mother's body.

The other two species, ovoviviparous and viviparous give birth to their young, with the young similarly developing in the uterus as most mammals.

Madagascar hissing cockroach, Gromphadorhina portentosa a ovoviviparous cockroach giving birth to its young. By Matt Reinbold [CC BY-SA 2.0] , from Flickr Commons Licenced

Only a few of cockroaches give birth to their young. An example of such insect is the Pacific Beetle Cockroach or diploptera punctata, a viviparous cockroach. It produces a high dense crystalline milk for nursing its young.

The milk contains 45% protein, 25% carbohydrates, between 16 to 22% lipid, and 5% amino acids. The brood sacs stores this milk and extraction of it involves opening the gut of the cockroach.

Anyone up for some Chocolate Cockroach Milk?

One scientist, Leonard Chavez, has his eye on milking (pun intended) this saga, and if he is to have his way, plans to have the Pacific Beetle Cockroach milk crystals as a supplement. It will join the queue of the superfood available out there.

Milking the cockroach is something I know many will be interested to know how they would pull it off.

But the scientists are a step ahead, they know individually milking a cockroach may be hard or even impossible, they s=decided to unravel the genetic makeup responsible for the production of the crystalline milk and replicate it in the laboratory.

The scientist is looking at bioengineered yeast, a method in use in the food industry for the production of food ingredients such as the synthetic sweeteners such as Cargill's Eversweet sweeteners.

Since the milk industry is under enormous pressure from the environmental advocacy group for its nasty greenhouse gas emission, will the roaches save us?

How will it look at a menu in an exclusive restaurant that has the cockroach milk superfood? Maybe, Roach Milk available, 3x the nutritional value of the cow's milk without the greenhouse gas emissions :)

But until then, the scientists will still have to work out if such is safe for human consumption by checking on its toxicity. If that is ok, will you be open to trying roach milk?


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i can deal with cricket protein bars but i would have to be on death's door to drink cockroach milk. very informative and thorough post tho.

Lol. There are some weird food out there. Some adventurous soul won't mind going for it.

I've had those bars actually. And I'm with you, I'm a little squeamish about cockroach milk. I feel like I shouldn't be, but, ugh.

I hope the bars taste great? Wow, I will like to have a taste of it as I'm feeling a little bit adventurous.

They taste pretty good, just expensive. Surprisingly, cricket-based protein has had problems establishing enough customers to get the benefits of scale.

I can understand the cost, farming cricket and the process does not sound like something cheap.

Very nice! The future of food is insects indeed as they're easy to farm and they're sustainable. They've recently started bringing the awareness of insect-derived food to Italy and they're already making delicious things with this stuff!

Some are quite nutritious. So I think we should take a look at some of the insects that have some good nutritional value.

It's a disgusting concept, but I do think that a lot of people are starting to realize that we're going to need looking for alternative sources of nutrition. Our current methods are just so unproductive :(

The concept may be unusual but what if it works and became a thing?

I guess it probably alcant be any worse than what's in our processed meats at the moment!

The processed meat do undergo some yucky processes, I prefer my meat fresh.

Post is great... But its not edible the cockroache milk its yuckie...

Lol at yuckie...yeah it is very nutritious :)

Lol at yuckie...yeah it is very nutritious :)

'bout time we put them to some good use. I mean, besides using them as remote-controlled spies.

The research was on the analysis of the cockroach's pale yellow crystalline milk.

Madagascar hissing cockroach

They hiss?

will you be open to trying roach milk?

If it's laboratory milk, then maybe.

I guess New Yorkers have found themselves a new source of income.

Lol, is there loads of 'roaches there? I wouldn't mind having some of those roach spies to look after my fridge when I'm not home. Haha.

Yeah NY is famous for its cockroaches. People even ask the question on quora.

They may have cockroaches, but I still think that my country has a lot more than them :)
Though NY population may be more than we currently have in any city here.

A teacher in this article is reported to have quit her job as a result of her students shouting the word, "cockroach"

wow that is something extreme! her phobia must have been very intense.

will you be open to trying roach milk?

Don't really know. Just the thought of trying it makes me wanna puke even if it is a replication as you said. But who knows. perhaps in the future drinking replicated cockroach milk will be as normal as drinking cow's milk today.

I thought she overreacted too, but phobias sometimes seem irrational, but the sufferer may feel a little too scared and act out of that fear.

It's a disgusting concept, but I do think that a lot of people are starting to realize that we're going to need looking for alternative sources of nutrition. Our current methods are just so unproductive :(

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