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RE: Scientists Discover a Highly Nutritious Milk from Cockroaches

in #science5 years ago (edited)

'bout time we put them to some good use. I mean, besides using them as remote-controlled spies.

The research was on the analysis of the cockroach's pale yellow crystalline milk.

Madagascar hissing cockroach

They hiss?

will you be open to trying roach milk?

If it's laboratory milk, then maybe.

I guess New Yorkers have found themselves a new source of income.


Lol, is there loads of 'roaches there? I wouldn't mind having some of those roach spies to look after my fridge when I'm not home. Haha.

Yeah NY is famous for its cockroaches. People even ask the question on quora.

They may have cockroaches, but I still think that my country has a lot more than them :)
Though NY population may be more than we currently have in any city here.

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